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We Finally Got A Peek At MrBeast's Real-Life Squid Game

Good things come to those who wait — at least, according to MrBeast, they do. Early in October, outrageous streamer announced he would host a full-on "Squid Game," just like in the hit Netflix TV series. Almost a month later, it seems he's fulfilling that promise by presenting viewers with an eerily accurate recreation of the games, complete with an intricate set and costumes. Hopefully, MrBeast won't go through with, you know, the other part of the games — even if his "Squid Game" set looks like it's straight from the TV show.

"Squid Game" captured the attention of the internet shortly after it was released in September. The Korean drama had an arduous journey from movie to TV show, but viewers ultimately fell in love with its twists and turns, as well as its array of horrific schoolyard games. Hundreds of prospective players even signed up to compete in a real-life "Squid Game" in Korea. Now, it seems, MrBeast is hosting the American equivalent.

MrBeast mentioned that 456 contestants will be participating in his version of "Squid Game," although no one knows who those participants will be just yet. Some contestants were entered into a drawing if they bought a certain hoodie from MrBeast's online shop, but it's possible viewers will see some famous faces in the competition video, too. Regardless of who participates in the games, they're shaping up to be something spectacular, as MrBeast previewed on his Twitter account.

The set is extravagant

MrBeast explained that the sudden release of the new sweatshirt on his merch site came about "because our Squid Game video is looking like it will cost over $2,000,000 (easily our most expensive video) and I need help paying for it." Later, fans saw why he needed all that money. MrBeast tweeted a behind-the-scenes look at his "Squid Game" set, and it's easy to see how $2 million could go into it.

The set appeared to be located in an empty warehouse, with bright fluorescent lights shining overhead. MrBeast showed himself on a ladder, painstakingly recreating the childlike decor of the "Squid Game" barracks. He also revealed a giant, primary-colored swing set in front of a cloud mural, hinting that he's keeping the creepy-cute spin on childhood from the TV show. The set also included a maze-like labyrinth of mismatched wooden doors and panels, where MrBeast stood in the middle with his arms raised proudly. 

"The Squid Game sets are coming together!" MrBeast tweeted, cheerily. "Wish the 456 contestants good luck next week." He ended the tweet with a coy devil emoji, but fans already know that MrBeast has something impish up his sleeve for the games. He's already crowdsourced ideas for a massive game of tug-of-war, commenting that it's going to be "wild." 

While MrBeast didn't share the details of how his games will go above and beyond, it's clear that his team has used their time between the show's release and the games to prepare thoroughly.

Mixed reactions from fans

Several fans seemed unnerved by the accuracy of the set, with one commenting, "Convinced you're making a 1:1 replica of the movie now. Should we expect 455 people to die?" Fellow streamer Hasan also jokingly wondered about the implications of the set, asking, "my man you're not gonna kill people right?" MrBeast responded, "No comment."

Others seemed a little less convinced that MrBeast's efforts would succeed. "By the time the video comes out the whole trend is gonna be dead lol," said one follower. Others claimed the hype for the show was over, and MrBeast might as well not even post his efforts. Regardless of whether "Squid Game" maintains its popularity or not, MrBeast's tendency to go the extra mile in terms of video production and financial high stakes have managed to entertain his audience for some time now, and his fanbase seems generally enthused with the idea.

Unfortunately, some viewers seemed disgruntled about the methods MrBeast used to select participants for his games. One commenter claimed to have won a coveted spot in the competition, but said they couldn't participate because they had not received a COVID-19 vaccination. While some didn't believe the commenter's claim, while others jokingly told MrBeast to let them participate wearing a full hazmat suit.

Regardless of how MrBeast selected participants for the games, fans are eager to see more of his version of "Squid Game." Judging from MrBeast's extravagant videos in the past — like the time he paid a builder $16,000 to create a "Minecraft" house — his "Squid Game" might just sweet the internet by storm.