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MrBeast Reveals His $16,000 Minecraft House

Popular YouTuber MrBeast has revealed his $16,000 "Minecraft" house that he commissioned from professional builders. In a recent video on the MrBeast Gaming channel titled "$2 VS $16,000 Minecraft House!" Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson paid builders between $5 and $16,000 to build a "Minecraft" house for him, with the highest rated house winning an additional $10,000.

Donaldson and his crew quickly ran through numerous houses, rating them based on the quality of the build in relation to the amount of money the house cost. Each member of Donaldson's crew gave a rating out of ten, so the highest possible score for each house was a 40. The first few houses were rated fairly low, with the first showstopper being the $100 house, where the builders put together two houses on a massive cliffside. Even though the interior of the home was not furnished, the house still received a 26.5 out of 40, putting it in the lead.

Another build that got a ton of praise from Donaldson and crew was the $5,000 build, which was an entire medieval city, complete with walls, a castle, and a surrounding village. The build even included a menacing dragon flying high above the city. All of the interiors were furnished and representations of Donaldson and his crew were placed inside the castle, garnering a 35 out of 40 score, putting it in first place. However, there was one final build left to see: the $16,000 "Minecraft" build.

$16,000 Minecraft city

The $16,000 "Minecraft" for MrBeast featured a massive urban city, complete with giant statues of superheroes from both DC and Marvel, plus a giant statue of Donaldson himself. The sprawling city had massive heroes and villains battling it out, plus a full-sized MrBeast Burger joint, a representation of Donaldson's real delivery-only restaurant. MrBeast is known for spending and giving away tons of money in his videos, including making a joint million dollar donation to get a MrBeast skin in "Fall Guys," so a video where he spent thousands of dollars on "Minecraft" builds shouldn't be a surprise.

The winning build also included a full-sized office building with the MrBeast logo on it, deemed the "MrBeast Headquarters." A quick montage showed the other landmarks in the "Minecraft" city, including a soccer stadium, a dock, and a suburban neighborhood. However, a disappointment for Donaldson was that not all of the buildings had fully decorated interiors, something that the $5,000 build did have.

Ultimately, the $16,000 build only received 34 out of 40 from the crew, making the $5,000 build the winner of the $10,000 prize money. MrBeast is known for both "Minecraft" and giveaways, and as always it was nice to see him merge his two loves and recognize the hard work put into the $5,000 build.