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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy's Funniest Glitches So Far

To put it lightly, "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition" got off to a rocky start. The remastered release dropped Nov. 11, and players have encountered a number of problems when it comes to actually booting up the game and reliving their cherished childhood memories of classic  "Grand Theft Auto." However, there's also been a big silver lining in the form of laugh-out-loud glitches.


Aside from missing content and other hiccups with the title's rollout, issues with graphics have been a defining feature of this "Definitive Edition." Both the aesthetic and functional flaws of "GTA: The Trilogy" are causing roadblocks for fans. What's especially irritating is that even if players wanted to go back and buy the original versions to enjoy a less glitchy game, they can't because of a controversial decision by Rockstar to pull them from digital storefronts.

Without a doubt, some players are frustrated that the "Grand Theft Auto" collection they've been waiting for is a bit unpolished, to say the least. However, the bright side is that among the countless glitches that have been shared by fans, there have been a few truly side-splitting incidents. From mutated-looking characters to phantom environments and more, here are the funniest glitches from "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy."


Typo City

Proofreading wasn't a big priority for Rockstar ahead of the "GTA: The Trilogy" release, at least judging by some of the signage captured by fans.

In a screenshot shared on Reddit, a gamer captured large lettering that reads "AR GUITARS FROM $199." As the Redditor who shared the post wrote, "Is this supposed to say 'Air Guitars?'" What could've been a random air guitar joke now conjures up a mental image of a pirate guitar. Players joked that perhaps AR stands for "augmented reality guitar" or "assault rifle guitar," the second of which would definitely fit into the general vibe of "Grand Theft Auto." And that wasn't all the only typo found even in this single screenshot. As another Redditor pointed out in the comments, the sign next to "AR GUITARS" includes the non-word "Avaiable."


So how did this happen? Some Reddit users have theorized that the AI used to upscale the textures in the game might have been unable to detect any typos during the remaster process. Even some of the trilogy's more NSFW signage jokes — including an infamous sight gag involving hot dogs — have been completely ruined by accidental typos, making this an even more unfortunate issue. 

Physics-defying vehicles in GTA: The Trilogy

Getting hit by a car while on a bike? It's no sweat, at least according to "GTA: The Trilogy." In a "San Andreas" clip shared on Reddit, CJ is seemingly obliterated by an oncoming car blazing into him. He's flung skyward and flies directly into a traffic pole, where he ricochets straight into the concrete. The traffic pole gets banged up in the process, but CJ is back on his feet in seconds, standing calmly as if nothing ever happened. No invincibility code necessary.


Similarly, a video of "GTA 3" shared on Reddit shows Claude Speed flipping his van into the water. As soon as the van starts to sink, Claude pops up through the bottom of the vehicle and walks away unscathed.

Another airborne disaster was shared by a player on Twitter. Somehow, a car goes from driving calmly on the street to flying through the air and spinning impossibly fast. The best part, however, has to be the occasional flames that pop up as the car spirals out of control. Though this particular in-game flight ends in death, it's impressive how long the game lets the player go before the car suddenly combusts. "It's not a bug, it's a feature," quipped the gamer who shared it.

GTA: The Trilogy has some wacky walls

The glitches in "Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy" don't let little things like the laws of physics hold them back, and a number of players have found walls that seem to be made out of thin air. One gamer on Twitter shared a video of a taxi driving back and forth through a wall in a parking lot as if it weren't even there.


That's pretty weird, but you can almost buy driving a vehicle through a wall. But in one clip, Claude Speed himself became untethered from reality in the act of trying to jump from a grassy hill to an elevated concrete surface. Instead of landing smoothly, Claude caught running up against the edge, which seems to block his legs from moving. Watching Claude's legs move into the wall as if he's trying to walk is awkward enough, but the flailing arms — one of which is moving more fervently than the other — make this glitch undeniably hilarious. It's like watching an uncoordinated zombie try and fail to dance.

Some of the people in GTA: The Trilogy are put together differently

As funny as it is seeing characters try to navigate their messed-up world in "GTA: The Trilogy," nothing is quite as hilarious as some of the people themselves. There are countless graphical mutations that disfigure characters in ridiculous ways, from extended fingers, to weird squiggly arms, to people who are contorted into the shape of a cartoon turtle.


Though there's no rhyme or reason to the glitches of "GTA: The Trilogy," it's a simple fact that a tiny head is even funnier than a nonexistent neck, especially when it makes Big Smoke look like a human Christmas tree. And he's not the only character who has sadly been transformed into a triangle.

Of course, it's all fun and games until a glitch manages to cracks you up and haunts you simultaneously, which what can happen when the camera gets stuck inside CJ's head. As it turns out, the inside of his head looks exactly like the outside. Still, better an inner face than a face devoid of all detail

If nothing else, "GTA: The Trilogy" is consistently chaotic. Until Rockstar gets some patches going, the unintentional fun will only continue.