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Leaked Halo TV Series Teaser Reveals Master Chief

Update: Mere hours after this apparent leak, Paramount Plus has officially posted the teaser trailer on its YouTube channel. The original article follows below.

Fans of the "Halo" series know that there's a remarkably complex story buried within the action-forward space battles that the game is built around. The idea of a "Halo" TV series has been floating around ever since Stephen Spielberg was reported to be working on an adaptation for Xbox Live all the way back when the Xbox One was first announced in 2013. It seems the project has changed hands numerous times since then and now the series is set to Premiere on Paramount Plus in 2022. Fans will finally get the chance to see the Master Chief's rise to Spartan super soldier and subsequent galaxy-saving escapades. Perspective viewers haven't seen much from the upcoming show so far. They've only seen a vague release date and the announcement that actor Pablo Schreiber has been cast to play the Master Chief. Most importantly, there hasn't been a trailer — until now.


It appears that a trailer for the upcoming Paramount Plus "Halo" TV series was accidentally leaked when it appeared on Facebook ahead of schedule.

What's featured in the new Halo trailer?

It appears that Dexerto's "Halo Infinite" news account managed to grab a recording of the video before it went down. @DexertoSpartans posted that "a new teaser for the Halo TV series has appeared on Facebook ads early," along with a copy of the advertisement. The ad opened with a close-up shot of a green glove from Master Chief's Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor. It then closed in on the number 117 embossed into that same suit of armor, getting rid of any lingering doubts that this Spartan is anyone other than Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, the hero of most of the franchise. Then the video showed the back of John's freshly shaven head as he donned his helmet. Finally, viewers saw an extreme close-up of the helmet's iconic visor, as a familiar voice (presumably the AI Cortana) said, "hello, Master Chief."


The trailer is little more than a teaser and doesn't offer much more information, as the closing script simply reiterates that the new series will be coming in 2022, but it's still exciting for fans to finally see the suit and lay eyes on the Chief in the flesh (even if it was just the back of his head). The video was released on the 20 year anniversary of the original "Halo: Combat Evolved" and the first Xbox, raising questions about whether the leak was intentional or not. Microsoft has yet to comment.