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Embarrassing Mistakes You Don't Want To Make In Red Dead Online

Despite run-ins with hackers and the occasional protest, "Red Dead Online" is truly a thing of wonder. The game opens up an even more expansive map than its base titlekjm, "Red Dead Redeption 2," and allows players to live out their ultimate wild west fantasies by pursuing occupations like Bounty Hunter or Moonshiner. That said, for all its glory and glamour, it's easy to become overwhelmed in "Red Dead Online." Whether it's navigating the menagerie of menus or accidentally triggering a camp's caretaker into attacking friends, there are certainly some things worth knowing to avoid silly blunders.


Knowledge can often be the best weapon to bring into the fray, regardless of whether you're a returning player or a new gun rolling into town. While nothing will replace experience, especially when it comes to determining playstyle or loadout options, a little know-how goes a long way. Plus, with all the in-game systems at play, it's easy to overlook something vital. Here are some tips to help avoid embarrassing mistakes and make the most out of the frontier.

Don't Ignore Daily Challenge Streaks

One thing players will learn quickly is that Gold makes the world go round in "Red Dead Online." Gold is one of the various currencies players can use to make purchases in-game, but it's unique in the sense that it's a universal currency and can be used on nearly anything. In addition to gold's universality, some rewards or items are only purchasable with Gold, making it the game's most sought-after commodity. Gold is even required for players to buy their way into some of the content offered in "Red Dead Online," including becoming a Bounty Hunter or starting a Moonshine business.


There are many different ways to get Gold, from earning it through missions and challenges to straight-up purchasing it through in-game microtransactions. The best way to earn Gold without buying it is by becoming a master of "Red Dead Online" Daily Challenges. Each day, players can complete in the seven General Daily Challenges and up to nine Role-specific Daily Challenges (depending on which Roles players have purchased). Each Challenge only awards .10 Gold — after being halved and causing an uproar – but the key is repetition. If players complete at least one Daily Challenge every day, they'll build a streak. The higher the streak, the more Gold each Challenge rewards. Players can max out at 28 consecutive days, but it can all come crashing down if even a single day is missed.


Grouping Up Isn't Straightforward

Many players will start playing "Red Dead Online" to join in on the western action with some friends but find they have no idea how to play with them. Joining and inviting players to one's game isn't as straightforward as most of the mechanics in the game, and getting them to stay with you through activities is even worse. As opposed to walking up and interacting with something in the game world, the way many "Red Dead Online" features are accessed, players will have to pull up a sub-menu by pressing left on their d-pad, or the L key for PC players. From there, players can form a Posse and group up with friends.


Simply inviting someone to your game in Red Dead Online isn't enough to put the two of you together. They'll appear in the same game world, but any matchmaking or reloading will take one player to another game state. Red Dead Online uses the Posse system for players to form groups. Players can decide whether their Posse is temporary or if they want to pay a hefty $200 in-game to keep the Posse persistent. Either way, Posses and the little menu they hide in are the keys to grouping up with friends.

Morality Matters

Just like its counterpart, "Red Dead Redemption 2," there's an honor system at play in "Red Dead Online." Many actions the player can take will affect their honor for better or worse, whether it's something as simple as feeding your horse or as intense as going on a rampage in a peaceful town. While it's easy to change honor on a whim, it's important to remember that the world will reflect a player's honor level and that it can paint a target on a player or even a group.


Honor level will determine what kinds of random events occur in a player's session, from helping citizens and lawmen to robbing coaches and freeing prisoners. On top of this, specific story missions in "Red Dead Online" also can differ depending on the stat. A player with an honor problem can cause issues for their Posse too. Not only does every Posse have a visible reputation based on their honor while together, but their general hostility also shows. A problem player can create a bad reputation for an earnest Posse and may not even know it. They're also liable to unknowingly paint bounty targets on their own backs if they're involved in repeat aggressions.

Look Out For Collectibles

"Red Dead Online" has three major currencies, which is already a lot before you start considering the other items that can be used to craft, gift, cook or just act as another currency unto themselves. The urge to just sell every pelt or tarot card acquired may seem like a good idea, building up some wealth of in-game cash, but players would actually be handing off vital Role items that can earn them even more in the long run. Of course, players need to purchase their way into these Roles if they ever want to make use of what they collect, but they should hang on to as much as they can until they have a way to spend the resources meaningfully.


Even after obtaining Roles, players should always double-check before selling off something that feels unique. For example, players must "collect" tarot cards in a menu accessed via the Collector's Bag item instead of selling them to the associated vendor, Madam Nazar, as is done with rare pelts. In addition to the general items that have a higher purpose in-game, players will begin to discover Capitale after starting the Blood Money questline. This item is a unique reward for Blood Money missions, and it's doled out sparingly. Players can use it as a currency to open up lucrative opportunities once enough is gathered, but it's easy to miss or ignore completely.