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Will Halo: Infinite's Beta Battle Pass Progress Carry Over To The Full Game?

After months of worrying about "Halo Infinite" and if it would make its December 8, 2021 release date after receiving a year-long delay, people no longer need to worry. Microsoft and 343 Industries shocked the world during the Xbox 20th Anniversary by surprise releasing the "Halo Infinite" multiplayer beta for everyone. The beta includes all of the maps and modes the game will launch with, along with the Season One battle pass, but do all of those unlocks carry over?


The "Halo Infinite" multiplayer beta kicked off relatively smoothly. SomeĀ players experienced a blue screen error when the update for the beta didn't release until about an hour after the announcement, but after that, the servers held pretty smoothly. "Halo Infinite" even managed to hit 272,586 concurrent players on Steam despite also being available on the Microsoft Windows store. However, some fans are worried if their hard work in the multiplayer beta will carry over to the full game when it releases in December.

Players are in luck

Despite 343 Industries calling this the "Halo Infinite" beta, it seems like the game is basically just out. Detailed on Halo Waypoint and on Twitter, all progress unlocks, and purchases from the beta will carry over into the full launch on December 8. 343 Industries said that this is the start of Season One, which will last until May 2022, to allow the team more time to polish Season Two before hitting the goal of a new season every three months. 343 Industries also mentioned that special events for "Halo Infinite" will start as soon as next week.


The first event in "Halo Infinite" will be Fracture: Tenrai, which will let people unlock the samurai armor that 343 Industries has been teasing since E3 2021. While 343 Industries expressly stated that all items will carry over, the fact that they are holding special events with cosmetics during the beta period should ease any worries about developers changing their minds.