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Why Saints Row Fans Are Okay With This Massive Delay

The "Saints Row" reboot has been delayed by about six months and fans of the series seem to be pretty okay with waiting. Announced by the "Saints Row" Twitter account, the game will now release on August 23, 2022, instead of its original release date of February 25, 2022. The message was signed by the developer Volition's CCO Jim Boone, who cited the need to meet the level of quality both Volition and fans of "Saints Row" expect. The message did directly state that the team would use the time to fine-tune the game and that this delay is not to make any significant changes.


Some people are mad at the new "Saints Row" for featuring "hipsters" instead of what they view as the classic "gangsters" featured in the first two "Saints Row" games. One person on Twitter told Volition to make changes to the game "for real hardcore fans and not for the hipster crowd," however Volition replied directly to that person stating it felt happy with the creative decisions in "Saints Row" and have no intention of changing character designs or the art-style of the game in any way. In addition to people who have been mad at "Saints Row" since it was announced, others pointed out some other reasons that could account for the delay.

Saints Row is avoiding a packed February

As some fans on Twitter pointed out, while they want the game to come out sooner rather than later, moving from February to August means "Saints Row" is avoiding some heavy-hitting competition. David Clay on Twitter pointed out that "Saints Row" was scheduled to release on the same day as "Elden Ring" the latest FromSoftware title. On top of that, "Horizon Forbidden West" comes out a week before that, and "Destiny 2: The Witch Queen" expansion comes out that month as well.


As popular as "Saints Row" is as a franchise, those are some fierce competitors, especially considering they would be released in such close proximity. Volition did respond to someone one commenter on Twitter, saying that the company was looking forward to sharing a release date with "Elden Ring," so that might not have been a reason for the delay, but instead a happy coincidence. According to the Game Informer 2022 video game release calendar, there are no other major titles scheduled for August of next year. While that will probably change as more release dates get announced, for now "Saints Row" has its new release date all to itself.