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Kkatamina Is About To Break A Major Twitch Record

The popularity of Twitch — the undisputed leading platform when it comes to video game streaming — has risen exponentially in combination with the rise of gaming in pop culture, as well as people being stuck in their homes for various amounts of time due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This has lead to streamers quickly amassing even more followers and subscribers than before. Among those who have rapidly gained popularity is Kkatamina, who has amassed tens of thousands of subscribers in the past few weeks.

Even in light of recent shady controversies, such as a huge earnings leak and alleged pay-to-win structures, Twitch's popularity hasn't waned, allowing more streamers to ply their trade and attempt to carve out their own niche on the platform. Miyoung Kim — better known by her Twitch handle ”Kkatamina" — is relatively new to Twitch. Having only joined the platform in May 2020, Kkatamina has already found herself a huge following, playing mostly "Valorant" and streaming in the "Just Chatting" meta. Her niche content has generated over 400k in followers over the past year and a half, and her subscriber count has been equally impressive. Kkatamina, despite being relatively new to the platform, is already on the cusp of achieving a notable accomplishment, as her subs and follows continue to climb.

Kkatamina is close to becoming the most subbed-to female streamer on Twitch

Kkatamina has recently been hosting a subathon while playing games like "Mario Party Superstars" and "Minecraft," having barely stopped streaming for nearly two weeks. During one of these subathons — in which a streamer must continue streaming until subs stop coming in — high-profile YouTuber Valkyrae gifted Kkatamina $5,000 worth of subscribers, furthering the latter's time streaming, as well as her sub count (via Dextero). In said gifting of subs, a hilarious exchange ensued as Valkyrae — referring to herself as "Oprae" — continued stacking the subs, saying "Another one," with each sub and dubbing herself "DJ Khal-Rae." This forced Kkatamina to continue her stream, to adorable effect.

As of right now, Kkatamina currently holds 45,000 subs and is close to achieving a record. While the all-time record for subscribers is currently held by Ludwig with 283,066, the record for most subs as a female streamer is currently held by DJ Sintica who has just under 53,000. Should Kkatamina's subathon continue to be successful and pull in at least 8,000 more subscriptions, Kkatamina will officially hold the female record on Twitch. This would be an extremely impressive feat, especially considering Kkatamina's relative experience on Twitch compared to that of other popular female streamers such as Pokimane or LilyPichu.