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Halo Infinite Easter Egg Pokes Fun At Its Most Infamous Character

"Halo Infinite" fans have been getting the giggles over "Craig" for quite some time now. The awkward-looking, ogre-like Brute first made his appearance July 2020 in the infamous Xbox Games Showcase preview of the game, where he became seen as a shining example of the game's unfinished quality. Since then, Craig and has since ascended to online stardom. Now a bonafide meme (with his own KnowYourMeme page to boot), Craig can be found all around the internet drinking chocolate milk, dressed up as Shrek, and in all other kinds of humorous situations. And now, it has been discovered that Craig has his own easter egg in "Halo Infinite."


First spotted by YouTuber Mint Blitz while he playing through an early access copy of the "Halo Infinite" single-player campaign, "a memorial to Craig" stands at the top of a tower players can find at the start of their fourth campaign mission. IGN created a one-minute walkthrough to help players reach the meme-ified location. It's not too hard, but the key to gaining the right altitude is for players to enable their grapple with "40% cool-down reduction."

Once at the top of the tower, Craig fans will be delighted by a number of goofy easter eggs that not only entertain but also give the Brute an unexpected backstory. Though the creators of "Halo Infinite" have told TheGamer that they have a "love-hate relationship" with the Brute, he's now gone through quite the makeover. However, the easter egg iteration of Craig preserves his original, unforgettable form.


Craig's Superstar Status

As shared by Mint Blitz, the first Craig easter egg players will come upon is a big concert tour poster that reads "Craig Zeta Halo Tour 2560." According to the poster, Craig had big plans to appear at locations ranging from Armory of Reckoning to Riven Gate and many more along the way. After discovering the poster, Mint Blitz guides players up to a slightly higher ledge and introduces a glowing blue head that apparently "makes a cool noise when you pick it up" and increases the likelihood of "rare combat dialogue," according to its item description.


Located by the poster is Craig's very own album. The album cover lists 14 funny song titles, including such hits as "Grunt! Grunt! Grunt!," "My Mom Used To Love Me," "The Day You Became A Meme," and "I Can't Grow Beard." Finally, there's a makeshift guitar, lights, and speakers, so players who want to take up Craig's legacy can hit the guitar to make a sound and rock out like their favorite Brute. 

Fans can experience the joy of Craig for themselves once "Halo Infinite" is out on Dec. 8, and who knows? More Craig-related surprises may be in store.