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Streamer Claims To Be Missing 'Tens Of Thousands' From Twitch

It's no secret that Twitch has a shady side, and a few of its shadier practices have seemingly come to light in the past few months. Streamers have been critiquing the platform's new "pay-to-win" boost feature, but not every content creator seems to be making the money they should be. One streamer recently opened up about her struggles with the Amazon-owned streaming platform and said that the company owes her "tens of thousands of dollars" in missing revenue from the month of October.


On Nov. 19, Twitch streamer bbjess took to Twitter to get help when she realized that Twitch seemingly messed up her October payment. Explaining that she's missing a ton of money, bbjess also posted a series of screenshots showing her attempts to reach Twitch Support for help. In one of these emails, she explained that her payment method had been cleared and that she shouldn't have to wait until next month for the corrected payment to roll out.

Bbjess also requested a "dedicated Partner Manager" to navigate these types of problems, considering some of the issues she's had recently with no-notice bans — which some fans have theorized may have led to the missing pay. The ban in question happened last month, when bbjess was unexpectedly banned when an emote of two bees dressing up as ghosts caught Twitch's attention for unclear reasons. Last week, bbjess tweeted at Twitch to find out if her suspension was the reason behind the payment delay, but it appears she has yet to receive a response.


Unfortunately, bbjess' situation is not unique among Twitch streamers. 

Why didn't Twitch pay bbjess on time?

If bbjess' story sounded familiar, it's probably because this just happened to another Twitch streamer. Last month, content creator Sohba went public after Twitch failed to pay up and seemingly refused to clear up any confusion regarding supposed "suspicious activity" on her account.


In bbjess' case, a few key things may have resulted in the delayed payment. Streaming reporter Zach Bussey reached out and asked her a few questions to try to clear up the situation, including whether or not her payment was meant to be "significantly more" than usual and if she'd experienced a ban within the last 90 days.

While bbjess continues to wait for a response from Twitch support, many other streamers reached out and thanked the streamer for using her platform to highlight a problem that has a very real effect on the lives of streamers living paycheck to paycheck.