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Call Of Duty: Vanguard Glitch Sticks Winners Where The Sun Don't Shine

"Call of Duty: Vanguard" players have already seen more than their fair share of issues in the weeks since the new game's release. Between cheaters ruining the game since before it even came out, ADS bloom causing players to miss shots when they shouldn't, and numerous glitches making the game as a whole feel like a rocky experience, Activision has had its hands full when it comes to making players happy. Now a new glitch has appeared in "Vanguard" multiplayer that's really forcing players to look at the game from a new perspective — and it probably isn't a perspective they would have chosen on purpose.


"Vanguard" features a Team MVP highlight reel at the end of matches, which showcases players who achieved big contributions to game mode goals, score, and multikills. This kind of feature can be rewarding for players who've worked hard to help their team get the W and enjoy being recognized for their efforts. However, it seems this post-game credit isn't performing quite as intended.

Some players have found that while the MVP cam is showing the correct player name and achievement, the camera isn't showing them the expected Operators. Instead, these players have been treated to a close-up of the NPC guard dogs' butts. And naturally, some of these players felt they needed to share their experience on the internet.


Vanguard rewards players with an awkward close-up

Reddit user Mayergaming posted a thread showing off a video of the glitch. The clip starts out like the end of any normal round, with the heat of battle fading out to the Team MVP title card — and then the screen immediately cuts to a close up of a guard dog's flanks, tail... and everything in between. The screen then splits into three still shots of this particular K9's furry fanny, superimposed with the player's screen names and their achievements. 


Perhaps the funniest part of the video is the achievement Mayergaming won in this particular round: "Most Explosive Eliminations." That might not be a sentiment most players want to think about when staring down the back-end of a canine.

Commenters on the Reddit thread were quick to sound off on the insane bug. User Rare_Cover_6452 wrote, "best clip of 'Vanguard' I've seen so far. Send this to Activision to show them what a great job they've done with the game." Meanwhile, user Interdimension said, "I'm kinda surprised the dog's texture even has that detail."

It's still unclear what caused this particular glitch to manifest, or how common it is, but fans seem to be enjoying it for now.