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This Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Glitch Is Breaking The Game

Pokefans have found a game-breaking glitch in "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" that makes it impossible to leave Veilstone City. One of the most shared stories about the bug comes from Redditor Misedawg, who said that the glitch started when they were pushed into an NPC couple by a Skuntank and phased behind them. After that hiccup, they found they couldn't leave the city no matter how hard they tried.

Misedawg purposefully fainted their team in the Grand Underground, hoping that they and their Pokemon would wake up in a Pokemon Center. However, Roark healed their team instead. In addition to blacking out in the underground, Misedawg brainstormed solutions like finding a Pokemon with Teleport, training an Onix to use Dig, and using an Escape Rope. They also tried trading over a Pokemon with Teleport from a friend, but apparently trading from their location was a no-go without Union Trade. Auto-save also prevented them from resetting their game to a more reasonable starting point.

So Misedawg couldn't escape Veilstone City without a way to teleport, trade Pokemon, or restart from outside the city. Here's what they ended up doing to get out.

Unfortunately, there was no way out

After exhausting all options, Misedawg eventually decided to restart their game because it seemed impossible to get out of Veilstone City. They did reach out to Nintendo Support, but it looks like they weren't able to get the help they needed. They thanked those who tried to help and left some tips for readers who might come across the same glitch. 

First, Misedawg advised unlocking Union Trade right away. Players can unlock Union Trade from the Pokemon Center after defeating the first gym leader. After players unlock Union Trade, they can just press Y to trade with friends at any time. Misedawg also suggested catching an Abra or Ralts with Teleport early on, and disabling auto-save. All the Ralts they tried to catch in the Grand Underground didn't have Teleport because they were too high-leveled. However, Ralts caught earlier in the game would likely still have Teleport. Lastly, without auto-save, players can control exactly where they want to restart when they turn off their game. 

Players who follow these tips will have more options to escape if they get stuck in the same situation. However, it's not clear if these options would really work the way Misedawg imagined. 

"Pokemon Brilliant Diamond" and "Shining Pearl" released on November 19 for the Nintendo Switch. Despite this game-breaking glitch, it seems that many critics found it to be an enjoyable experience. Pokefans can claim their copy now if they don't mind the idea of a possible bug popping up.