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Overwatch Pro Calls Out Devs After Successful Patch

Blizzard released an experimental patch for "Overwatch" on Nov. 30, 2021, which was filled with a number of limited-time changes that dynamically alter the balance of the game. Pro "Overwatch" player and streamer Super thoroughly enjoyed the temporary "Overwatch" revamp, but the circumstances surrounding the patch were enough to color his initial excitement with frustration.

Though many "Overwatch" fans are impatiently awaiting the release of "Overwatch 2," which has been delayed multiple times and still lacks a solid release date, Super is upset for different reasons. As he shared with his viewers during a Dec. 1 stream, the pro gamer is mad that "Overwatch 2" development continues to cast a shadow on the game that started it all. 

In an impassioned speech, Super explained, "This is what makes me mad... It's so easy to pump some life into this game!" Referring to the developers, he posed the question, "Why have they abandoned it?" 

Super argued that the devs are "leaving ['Overwatch'] to die for 'Overwatch 2.'" As Super sees it, the fact that this patch was so rich in content indicates that Blizzard has the resources to make permanent improvements and additions to the game, but has chosen not to prioritize it. But that's not all; Super had some more choice words about this irritating decision.

Super expresses disappointment with Overwatch devs

The experience of playing the experimental "Overwatch" patch was bittersweet for Super, even though he said that this was "the most fun I've had playing 'Overwatch' in forever." The streamer is sick and tired of waiting for "Overwatch 2" with his "thumb up his a**," especially now that his confidence for what's to come with the new title is in short supply. As he went on to explain, "We don't get any new heroes, we don't get funny, experimental patches like this, we get death match maps [that] nobody cares about after the first 45 minutes of it releasing."

Unfortunately, there's no telling in what direction the game is going, as leadership changes, lawsuits, and delays have already drastically transformed the game from what it was originally supposed to be. Even if the sequel satisfies Super as much as the experimental patch did, his point still stands that the focus on "Overwatch 2" development has seemingly caused the original game to feel stagnant. As the streamer summed up in his rant, "I'm telling you guys, this is so easy to keep this game rolling, but they just don't do it for some reason. Why?"

While there are still more questions than answers surrounding "Overwatch 2," Super's comments are a reminder that the original "Overwatch" still has a passionate fanbase, no matter how much hype is built up for the sequel.