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Overwatch 2 Was Almost Completely Different

Fans have been waiting for the release of "Overwatch 2" for quite some time. The upcoming title has the potential to change the series forever with new gameplay modes and a totally fresh aesthetic. Clearly, there's a lot to look forward to in "Overwatch 2," especially since fans have been waiting for it since 2019. To the surprise of many players, the game they've been looking forward to almost looked completely different.

Before getting into what "Overwatch 2" could've been, it's important to understand what's been promised for the title to date. There are a few key differences between "Overwatch" and "Overwatch 2," including a big emphasis on PvE gameplay for the sequel, as well as the addition of "Call Of Duty"-like Push mode. This 6v6 race against the clock to take over enemy territory will be a big new gameplay addition, though it will also be eventually available to players of the original title to prevent dividing competitive players between the two games. As for standard PvP gameplay, fans are still reeling over the fact that "Overwatch 2" will cut down the original's 6v6 setup to 5v5.

Though the coming changes to the "Overwatch" series are causing some serious buzz among fans, they don't even come close to the spotlight that's being shined on Activision Blizzard's shady side. The company has had numerous lawsuits pile up over a toxic workplace culture, sexual harassment, and inaccurate financial reporting. Employees have protested the company, and even players came together for a rally in "World of Worldcraft" to show their support for affected employees and speak out against Activision Blizzard. In fact, the company's alleged practices are a potential reason "Overwatch 2" almost looked totally different.

Overwatch 2's New Direction

Though it hasn't been confirmed why former "Overwatch" director Jeff Kaplan left Blizzard in April 2021, his departure could have had something to do with the environment at the company. His leaving meant that some of his original ideas for the game went with him. Since Kaplan resigned, new director Aaron Keller has stepped in with a fresh plan for the game. Though it's unclear how he will balance PvE and PvP and exactly how quickly he wants to push for an "Overwatch 2" release, it seems likely the original vision for the game left with Kaplan.

So, what did Kaplan have in mind for "Overwatch 2" before leaving Blizzard? According to a now-private Tweet shared by "Overwatch" producer Tracy Kennedy (via Dexerto), "Kaplan had a vision of an OW game with PvE in it from before the original game launched." In fact, he may have wanted "Overwatch 2" to be all PvE: "He wanted OW2 to be a sequel to get non-PvP players to consider trying the game out for the PvE. He felt very strongly about that." Though Kaplan's PvE dream will come partially true for "Overwatch 2," it's interesting imagining a sequel without a PvP focus.