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The Indie Garden Sim That's In The Top 10 Of The Switch's Most Played List

Nintendo fans now know the trendiest titles for the Nintendo Switch thanks to the new "Most Played" list in the eShop. However, out of all the familiar franchises, some noticed a lesser known indie farming sim among the bunch. "Garden Paws" is one of two indie games in the top 10, placing sixth above the likes of "Dragon Quest Builders 2" and "Shin Megami Tensei 5." The title is a passion project by Bitten Toast Games, an independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada, and only released for the Switch this year.


Other games in the top 10 like "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" are easy to recognize as part of internationally beloved series. Even the first-place game, "Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny," is a long-running franchise with an established company behind it. It may seem wild that a small game that not many people have heard of could rise to the top of the list. Many Steam reviewers seem to enjoy the game as an entertaining, relaxing pastime, but it hasn't received much spotlight until now.

Here's what you need to know about "Garden Paws" to decide if you should check it out for yourself. 

What is Garden Paws, exactly?

"Garden Paws" combines elements from familiar games like "Harvest Moon," "Animal Crossing," and "Minecraft" into one. Players inherit their grandfather's farm after he retires to travel the world, and take charge of renovations. They have to earn money through farming, mining, and other means to fix up the farm and customize their homes. Alternatively, they can invest in building the nearby town with their hard-earned funds. It's like "Animal Crossing" in the sense that players get exploited for free labor, but hey, at least they get a nice town out of it. Not pointing any fingers, Tom Nook.


"Garden Paws" is similar to typical farming simulators in how you plant crops, raise animals, and collect items from the environment. It's not just about collecting, though. Players can dive into dungeons to defeat bosses to gather materials for crafting and selling. They can also take quests from their animal neighbors and befriend them. Players can pick between ten different animals for their customizable avatar from cats to dragons, too. So they aren't the only human in town, like in "Animal Crossing." In case you get bored of talking with NPCs, there's also the option to interact with friends in multiplayer.

"Garden Paws" is currently available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.