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The PS5 Finally Has Its First Pro Controller

Though Sony's PlayStation 5 has been out for over a year, players have come to find that there aren't many controller options for the new hardware. If fans are lucky enough to obtain a PS5, despite ongoing supply shortages and a scalper-run market, they'll soon realize that unless they want a customized vanity controller or a racing wheel, the DualSense that comes with the console is really their only choice. However, it looks like players' options just opened up, as Scuf just announced the first third-party controllers for PS5 — and they're oh-so-pro.

Scuf is a company that creates custom pro controllers for use on PlayStation 4, Xbox consoles, and PC, but with its new Reflex controllers, PS5 owners also have a few options. Scuf's Reflex controllers come in three different models: the Reflex, Reflex Pro, and a Reflex FPS option. All controllers assemble an impressive array of features, but at a $200 starting price, it's a steep ask for those who've likely already shelled out over MSRP for their PS5 console. Right now, only the Reflex Pro is available, with the other models coming later in 2022. Scuf's Reflex Pro will set players back $230 but its first drop already sold out. Here's everything Scuf's new Reflex Pro PS5 controller brings to the table and why players are eager to pay a premium for the pro controller.

Why Do Players Love Scuf's Reflex Pro?

Scuf's entire Reflex line for the PS5 adds a number of features that are sure to delight those looking for more customizability. Each Reflex controller incorporates remappable paddles on its back, much like Microsoft's Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. These paddles can be programmed for game input to "keep your thumbs on the sticks for faster reactions and gameplay," according to Scuf. There's even a small button above the paddles that allows players to switch between three different layout profiles depending on the game they're playing.

The Reflex controller also features the ability to swap between the DualSense's Adaptive Triggers and ones that function instantly, plus interchangeable joysticks. The faceplate and joysticks can be fiddled with on a whim, with easily interchangeable parts. The Reflex Pro controller is beholden to all of these features on top of sporting a non-slip grip contoured around its rear.

The PS5 Reflex Pro controller may come with a hefty price tag, but it's already proving itself popular among players. Though its first batch sold out quickly, Scuf's webpage for the product says it's "Working hard to get Reflex in your hands." After that, players will just have to decide whether the premium controllers are worth their cost.