Fans Are Going Wild Over Genshin Impact's Latest Character Reveal

miHoYo recently uploaded a character trailer for Arataki Itto, lighting the fandom ablaze. "Genshin Impact" players finally get to learn more about the oni character outside of leaks and past information from livestreams, thanks to new previews posted from the "Genshin Impact" Twitter and Hoyolab blog. 


Itto is the leader of the Arataki gang, though it isn't exactly clear what they do. miHoYo first introduced him in its latest livestream before making an official social media post describing Itto as an unemployed punk that does odd jobs around Inazuma City. Itto is an oni race character with flowing white hair, pointy red horns, sharp canines, and gleaming amber eyes. Importantly oni — demons from Japanese mythology — haven't been featured in the game before. In his character trailer, Itto also stars as an oni in a stage performance.

As for his specs, he's a Geo claymore user that excels at charged attacks. He's set to debut with Gorou, Sangonomiya Kokomi's general and half-dog person. Both of them will release on the same banner with Itto as the featured 5-star character and Gorou as one of the three 4-star ones. After the banner, Gorou will be available in the Wanderlust banner with the rest of the 4-star characters. 


Here's how "Genshin Impact" fans reacted to Itto's in-depth character reveal. 

Genshin fans react to Arataki Itto

"Genshin Impact" fans welcomed Itto with open arms, grateful for his cheery, brash personality. "Itto has absolutely zero thoughts in his head and I'm here for it," one Redditor wrote. Another typed him as a "himbo" or a buff, male-presenting person that's mostly brawn with a sweet, if dimwitted, personality. Alternatively, some fans found his laugh and mannerisms adorable. Itto does have a sweeter side despite his punkish appearance, though. His official description revealed that he likes to play with children and enjoys lollipops in his spare time.


Another hype moment of Itto's trailer included an offscreen voiceover from Ayato Kamisato, playable character Ayaka Kamisato's brother. He hasn't had a face reveal just yet, so fans are pleased with the possibility of him making his debut soon. Some fans deducted that it was Ayato based on context clues, but one of the trailers apparently also credited him as a voice in the description. 

Arataki Itto and Gorou will be available in the latter half of "Genshin Impact" Version 2.3 in the Oni's Royale on Dec. 14. It follows Albedo and Eula's joint banner and comes with new hangout events, quests, and more.