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Every New Weapon In Fortnite Chapter 3 - Season 1

When it comes to the battle royale genre, no property in gaming has stood the tests of time and become more of a staple in pop culture than "Fortnite." Almost immediately upon the release of its battle royale game mode in the summer of 2017, "Fortnite" become a global sensation due to its unique gameplay, team mechanics, and insane player count. The game also has its fair share of universe-specific lore, which to this point has been fleshed out over the course of two chapters made up of several different seasons.


Recently, "Fortnite" announced said RIP to Chapter 2, signifying a new era for the game. This is usually represented by changes — both minor and major — to the game's map, as well as the introductions of several different characters, cosmetics, and the map itself among other things. As per usual, Epic Games — the game's developer — has officially announced many changes that will be included in the upcoming launch of "Fortnite's" Chapter 3 — Season 1.

Along with all of the new map changes and abilities introduced in Chapter 3, Epic Games has also announced the release of the many new weapons that will be at the players' disposal. Here's what we know about each weapon so far.

The Ranger and MK-Seven assault rifle

Theassault weapon class in "Fortnite" will be given two new selections for Chapter 3 — Season 1. The first listed is the Ranger Assault Rifle, which specializes in medium-range combat. The Ranger is also said to be serviceable at a distance, making it pretty well-rounded and a good pick for players that want versatility over specificity. The Ranger has a simple black-and-green color scheme, reminiscent of the classic M-4 rifle.


The other new addition to the assault weapon collection is the blue, red, and gold MK-Seven Assault Rifle, which is also said to be effective from "medium-to-long range weapon with a high rate of fire." The MK-Seven also has a red-dot sight, optimizing the player's aim. A special edition of the MK-Seven with an improved fire rate can be found by consulting The Foundation, a newly introduced character that is the leader of The Seven and is played by the iconic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

The Striker Pump and Auto shotguns

What is a selection of firearms without the inclusion of the shotgun? In this regard, "Fortnite" has introduced two new variants of the classic short-range destroyer. The first of which is the Striker Pump, which "shoots a whole lot of pellets and boasts high burst damage." Judging by this description, expect this shotgun to fire some kind of ammunition similar to buckshot, targeting a wider area than other traditional shotguns. 


The new "legendary" class of shotgun is the Auto Shotgun. True to its namesake, the Auto variant can shoot at a high rate of fire and reloads two shells at a time. However, players looking for pure stopping power might seek out something else, as the Auto's ability to fire at rapid intervals is done at the expense of damage dealt. Either way you look at it, both shotguns offer variety to any player's arsenal. 

Chapter 3 — Season 1 will also introduce a new handgun, SMG, and sniper rifle

With both the Assault Rifle and Shotgun categories receiving two new weapons each, "Fortnite" will also be releasing three additional weapons, all of which occupy a wide variety of classifications. The first mentioned is the new "trusty" Sidearm Pistol. Just as its name suggests, there's nothing too spectacular about the handgun or its specs. Two things to take into consideration, however, is that what the Sidearm Pistol lacks in flashiness, it makes up for in effectiveness. It can deal significant to devastating damage from both medium and long-range, respectively.


A new entry into the sub-machine gun category is the Stinger SMG. According to its description, the Stinger is an extremely capable, fully automatic SMG that is extremely effective against both foe and structures at close range. Even at medium range, the Stinger can get the job done. If players need something more long range, "Fortnite" Chapter 3 also introduces the Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper. Despite the words "bolt action" being in its title, the Hunter is somewhat semi-automatic with three bullets per magazine, and deals out a lot of damage. The presence of two extra bullets per mag will definitely help players whose aim isn't necessary at the marksman level.