FOBs In Halo Infinite Explained

"Halo Infinite" was one of the most highly anticipated games of 2021, and while no one likes for a game to be delayed, fans should be happy that "Halo Infinite" was. Developers had time to perfect the campaign, and critics were pretty happy with the resulting gameplay. One of the new things that players will encounter in "Halo Infinite" is something called a Forward Operating Base, or FOB for short.


These bases are key areas for game progression. They're filled with The Banished, but once they're taken over and the enemies are destroyed, they become convenient areas for players to use. In fact, these FOBs were actually friendly bases before The Banished arrived.

Taking over FOBs is worth the time and effort, even for players who aren't looking to 100% complete the campaign. Between the Valor that's awarded for taking over bases and the convenient map features they open up, FOBs are handy areas to control.

How FOBs are helpful

Players can think about FOBs as map-opening areas. Once they're under the player's control, new sidequests and locations will appear on the map. Additionally, players can fast travel to FOBs, which makes getting around Zeta Halo much easier. Players can also get marines to help them fight various enemies, and FOBs become spawn points for weapons and vehicles.


That's not all — players also earn Valor by reclaiming a FOB. Valor is a sort of in game currency that helps players by unlocking new weapons, vehicles, and better-equipped marines, which are all beneficial throughout the campaign. There are limited ways for players get Valor, and FOBs award hefty Valor for those that take the time to do it.

While players may want to steamroll through the campaign quests, it's important to remember that story quests aren't replayable — something that's never been done before in a "Halo" game. Taking your time and enjoying Zeta Halo, doing side quests and taking over FOBs, might make the game much more enjoyable in the long run.