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Star Wars Eclipse - What We Know So Far

The Game Awards 2021 delivered on its promise of many major game announcements, including the unexpected reveal of a brand new "Star Wars" game. "Star Wars Eclipse" was announced with a cinematic trailer that showcased the blockbuster proportions of what's to come.


According to the official website for "Star Wars Eclipse," the game is "a new action-adventure, multiple-character branching narrative game." It will take place during the High Republic era, a 200-year time period considered "a golden age for the Jedi." Players can expect an immersive experience, since the cast of characters "each [have] their own morality, personality, motivations, and impact upon each other and the story at large."

Choice will be the name of the game as players uncover new species, planets, and plenty of exciting trouble along the way. Peace is far from assured, as political divides will escalate and each decision made by the player could impact the fragile future in major ways. And luckily for excited "Star Wars" fans, there's already more than enough in this announcement for Jedi hopefuls to unpack.


When is the release date for Star Wars Eclipse

Since "Star Wars Eclipse" was just announced and is still in pre-production, it's no surprise that a release date hasn't been revealed just yet. Judging by the scale of all things "Star Wars," including the epic trailer for "Star Wars Eclipse," fans of the franchise would be well-advised to plan for a longer wait.


There's no telling at this point which consoles will get "Star Wars Eclipse," though history may provide some hints. Considering the 2019 action-adventure title "Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order" launched for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, like many other big "Star Wars" games, it seems likely at first glance that "Star Wars: Eclipse" will follow suit and release widely. Developer Quantic Dream has said that it doesn't want to make any more PS exclusives, adding even more credence to the theory that "Eclipse" will debut on multiple consoles. 

Unanswered questions aside, the trailer guarantees that no matter its availability, "Star Wars Eclipse" will be complex and large-scale.

What happens in the trailer for Star Wars Eclipse?

The official cinematic reveal trailer for "Star Wars Eclipse" premiered during the first hour of The Game Awards 2021. Running over two and a half minutes, it set quite the scene for the new title.

The trailer opens with soft, atmospheric music as a humanlike character prepares to strike a gong, followed by a shot of a solar eclipse reflected in someone's eye. Suspense builds as the gong is finally struck and the telltale Lucasfilm logo fills the screen. Next, a spaceship traverses through a dense belt of meteors until it hones in on a sprawling cityscape packed with a number of alien creatures.


More drummers are shown in time with the building background music as a spaceship travels through various landscapes, including a room that looks to contain none other than Yoda himself. Robots are seen marching until there's a return to the eclipse reflected in an eye. Right on schedule, an epic lightsaber battle on a perilous ledge ensues, along with more shots of battle. Along the way are close-ups of a formally dressed creature and a woman with decorative jewelry, who are likely important characters for reasons yet unknown.

There's yet another return to the intensifying drummers until one reveals his unsettlingly humanlike face. Another character is shown slowly and spine-chillingly emerging from black, slimy nothingness


The trailer concludes as the solar eclipse completes — along with the title reveal, a logo from developer Quantic Dream, and the official game site.

Who is the developer of Star Wars Eclipse?

For months, rumors of Quantic Dream's involvement in a "Star Wars" game have been circulating, so this confirmation is huge news. Known for award-winning games such as "Detroit: Become Human," "Heavy Rain," and "Beyond: Two Souls," Quantic Dream defines its "signature format" as "Interactive Drama." This explains the emphasis on "different narrative viewpoint[s]" and "threads which adapt in real time to the choices and decisions made by players," which will apparently be present in "Star Wars Eclipse."


Founded by David Cage in 1997, Quantic Dream will likely bring its film and music expertise to the cinematic "Star Wars Eclipse." The company has worked with big names like David Bowie, Elliot Page, and Hans Zimmer in the past, so it's possible some major stars could make their presence known on the upcoming title.

When Quantic Dream promised exciting surprises for 2021 back in January, no one knew it would involve a property this huge. As development for "Star Wars: Eclipse" commences, players can stay informed by signing up for updates on the game's official site.