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Wonder Woman - What We Know So Far

Viewers tuning into The Game Awards were treated to a surprise reveal that no one expected — a Wonder Woman video game. Monolith Productions, the developers from "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor" and its critically lauded sequel "Shadow of War" are taking on the project, which can only mean it'll be an action-packed thrill ride. Cutting its teeth developing the parkour-heavy, combo-driven "Lord of the Rings" games, Monolith Productions is perfectly poised to deliver a Wonder Woman game that lives up to fans' expectations. Even better still, there's a good chance players will get to see WB Games' Nemesis System back in the spotlight. All players got at The Game Awards was a short teaser, but it was enough to stir excitement in fans.


While Monolith Productions and WB Games are keeping details about "Wonder Woman" close to their chest, it's possible to infer a good deal about the title's final form based on the developer's history and what we know about the superheroine. Despite fans' worries earlier this year that WB Games might be in trouble, "Wonder Woman" is setting a promising step towards the future. Here's everything fans looking forward to the "Wonder Woman" game should know, including release date information, the trailer, and what to expect from the gameplay.

Does Wonder Woman Have A Release Date?

While both comic fans and players familiar with Monolith Production's previous games may want to know when they can get their hands on the title, a release date has not yet been announced. The initial teaser only gave players a brief glimpse — more of a slow build-up to a reveal even — of Wonder Woman herself. Fans will likely have a ways to go before they receive a trailer illustrating gameplay, which will hopefully accompany a release date. Also worth consideration are the other titles WB Games has in their pipeline. Both "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League" and "Gotham Knights" have upcoming releases sometime in 2022, so it's likely that those titles will take priority ahead of "Wonder Woman." 


Much like the release date for "Wonder Woman," there's nothing known about the platforms it'll be available on. Based on WB Games' release of previous Monolith Productions titles, players will likely see "Wonder Woman" on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Considering how hard it still is to get next-gen consoles, there's always a chance it could also release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Does Wonder Woman Have A Trailer

"Wonder Woman" does have a trailer, or at least a teaser, initially revealed during The Game Awards. The trailer opens with the WB Games embossed in silver before fading to a camera pan over what appear to be bronze and silver gauntlets. A narrator begins talking, saying, "My daughter, a new threat comes to our shores," as the DC logo is shown also in silver. The narrator follows up with, "and I must call you home," as a brief glimpse of flowing black hair dances across the screen. The narrator continues, saying, "Restore what has been broken, unite old enemies, forge new bonds," as Monolith's logo is shown and then transitions to a panning shot of leg armor and boots leaping from the ground.


Finally confirming what building suspicion was leading to, the next shot in the teaser shows Wonder Woman's logo emblazoned into the front of her armor as the narrator picks up again with, "You are a hero, but you can be more, you can be a leader. You can be Wonder Woman." The final seconds of the trailer show a full-on close-up of the hero brandishing her iconic whip, leaping through the air.

What do we know about Monolith Productions?

Monolith Productions has a rich history of games that could serve as a clue for what sort of game "Wonder Woman" could be. "Shadow of War" and "Shadow of Mordor" both focus on story-driven narratives that immerse players in the world of Middle-Earth. In fact, most of Monolith's games focus on narrative while delivering fluid action to keep players engaged. Based on what is known about the team making the game, and its previous projects, it's not too much of a stretch for players to imagine how a Monolith Productions "Wonder Woman" game might play. 


If the "Wonder Woman" game is anything like Monolith's "Middle Earth" titles, it'll have a heavy focus on melee combat and combos, not unlike Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham" titles. Like the caped crusader and the "Lord of the Rings" setting, "Wonder Woman" will work seamlessly with that kind of gameplay. Just like Talion had his wraith abilities, Diana will also have her whip, gauntlets, and any number of potential other tools or powers she can bring into battle to spice up her combos. 

Perhaps the most exciting possibility is the incorporation of the Nemesis System. Premiering in "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor," it allowed dynamic interactions and growth between players and run-of-the-mill enemies. Foes remember previous encounters, learn from mistakes, and grow from players' missteps. Similar features have found their way into other games, but it's never been highlighted in a superhero game. It could be just the thing to rise "Wonder Woman" above its peers. In any case, players are sure to find out more in the coming months.