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Camping In Fortnite Chapter 3 - Season 1 Explained

Despite being over four years old, the iconic free-to-play battle royale title, "Fortnite", continues to be at the forefront of gaming culture. Recently, "Fortnite" said RIP to Chapter 2 as it unveiled Chapter 3 — Season 1, an ambitious new addition to the game's already existing lore that features tons of new weapons, cosmetics, characters, and some significant changes to the game's map. Epic Games even brought in the legendary Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to get in on the fun and voice one of its new characters, The Foundation.


The latest chapter of "Fortnite" also brings about new mechanics which can aid players on the battlefield. One of these new features is the ability to use the newly added Tents to set up a temporary Campsite. Though broad testaments to their effectiveness will have to wait until Chapter 3 — Season 1 has had a chance to settle in players, the Tent feature has already received good reviews from established "Fortnite" players such as Lachlan, and could be a very advantageous tool for gamers looking for an edge as they attempt to be the last player standing. Here's everything we know about Tents so far.

How to find Tents in Fortnite

"Fortnite's" new Tent feature operates very similarly to Campfires in previous iterations of the game, but with some alterations. Tents offer players several advantageous perks that they can use to tip the balance on the battlefield. In order to be able to utilize a Tent, one must know where to find them first. And luckily, nothing too crazy is necessary for a player to acquire a Tent.


Tents spawn on the map as floor loot and are available to any player that comes across them. They appear as a bedroll, and can also be found in treasure chests. Players can additionally steal tents off of players they've killed, should they be carrying one. If a player happens upon one of the Tents, they can then carry it. However, upon picking it up, players are left exposed, as carrying a Tent doesn't allow them to use their weapons until deploying it, or dropping it entirely. 

Tents allow players to store weapons and items for future games

The primary function of Tents is to give players extra storage to carry weapons and items. As per default, players can only carry so many weapons and items during battle royale games, all of which much share space in the inventory. While Tents also take up one of those precious and limited inventory slots, they allow players to stash extra weapons and items one could not have enough space to carry otherwise.


Tents come with up to three stash slots for whatever a player needs to carry, be it weapons or items. Two of the stash slots are free, with the third being a paid addition to the Tent's inventory that can be purchased using gold bars. Not only can these stash slots be used for the remainder of the game, but they can also be used to transfer collected weapons and items to new games as well. As explained by YouTuber Gummyoshi, a player can theoretically win a game, place as many of their items as they can into a Tent before the ending graphic disappears, and have those items available upon deployment in their next game. This can provide a competitive edge to any player who can outlast their opponents for future games.


Tents give players the ability to heal

Similar to how Campfires have worked in previous seasons, Tents allow players to heal after sustaining damage. Even if a player falls victim to a tremendous amount of damage to their health points (HP), resting in a tent will allow them to gradually restore their HP to 100 and quickly re-enter the ongoing conflict.


When used correctly, this method of HP restoration can greatly benefit the player. However, there are some drawbacks. When resting in a Tent, players are unable to build around it. This means that if you're in a Tent, you are very exposed to other players' attacks as the Tent itself can receive damage and ultimately be destroyed with the player inside of it. Building around a Tent before using it for healing purposes could be the preferred method of using them in this manner. Players will heal 5HP per second until they are restored.