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Why You Should Take Out HVTs In Halo Infinite

The "Halo Infinite" campaign includes several open-world sections filled with different activities that offer rewards for completion. Players can capture FOBs to unlock fast-travel points or collect skulls to activate game-changing modifiers. One of the other activities scattered around the map are HVTs or "high-value targets." These are basically mini-boss fights, similar to the ones that sometimes occur during campaign missions. These named enemies have health bars that appear above their heads, and overall feel more significant than normal enemies.


These special enemies are also surrounded by a bunch of smaller threats, which Master Chief will also need to take out in order to complete the objective. It doesn't matter if players kill the HVT first or last, all enemies need to be taken care of to count the objective as complete. Interestingly, completing HVTs does not give Valor, which unlocks new UNSC weapons and vehicles at FOBs, but it does give a different kind of reward.

HVTs in Halo Infinite unlock powerful banished weapons

There are 15 HVTs in "Halo Infinite" and each one wields a variant of a weapon in-game. These weapon variants are slightly different than the base version of the weapon, both visually and in function. For example, there is a pair of Hunters named Myriad, which award players with the Backdraft Cindershot if defeated. This special edition weapon bounces more than the regular Cindershot and has a cool alternate design. Not only do the HVTs drop these weapons for Master Chief to pick up, but they also add them to the weapon fabricator at all FOB locations. This means that players can unlock and use powerful weapon variants early in the game if they hunt down the HVTs — and it might be beneficial for them to do so. 


Considering the fact that players can't replay missions in "Halo Infinite" it is incredibly helpful to unlock these weapons early on. Weapons like an extremely powerful Sentinel Beam (a rocket launcher that locks onto enemies and vehicles) and a Skewer that explodes can make or break missions later in the game's campaign or in the multiplayer arena. Players can spawn these weapons at FOBs and bring them into any mission or activity, so it is worth unlocking these special weapons as soon as possible.