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The Hilarious Way Ludwig Broke His YouTube Contract

Ludwig Ahgren has had a pretty difficult time adjusting to the latest stage of his career. He left Twitch for YouTube Gaming almost three weeks ago, and he's run into several rough patches during the change. Things got worse for Ludwig almost immediately, as the streamer was slapped with a few separate suspensions for copyright violations. Though the streamer has since expressed a better understanding of the platform's rules, he recently broke his YouTube Gaming contract in an accidental stream that had fans cracking up.


On December 13, Ludwig was a bit late to his scheduled YouTube stream, which prompted a series of "latewig" messages in his chat. After he started the stream, he showed a quick clip from Twitch — where he had accidentally started his stream. In the clip, there's a pretty hilarious moment in which he realized he was on the wrong platform and he exclaimed, "Oh, s***, I'm on Twitch." 

As explained by Dexerto, Slime and Ludwig had recently simulcasted Smash Summit 12, which caused Ludwig to accidentally go live on his friend's Twitch channel. After showing the clip off on YouTube, Ludwig joked that the clip would be used in a future lawsuit because he broke his YouTube Gaming contract. Afterward, his stream continued as normal and nothing more was mentioned regarding the latest mishap. However, Ludwig did point out another problem he's having on YouTube, which he hasn't been able to figure out just yet.


Ludwig's YouTube woes

According to Ludwig, his VODs have been taken down multiple times because of more copyright issues. When asked about his December 12 stream, Ludwig mentioned that the video had been put back up after briefly being taken down, because he streamed an event that was "incredibly copyright-ed." This was the same issue he was having when he was banned multiple times after first switching to YouTube Gaming, and Ludwig explained that he thinks his biggest challenge will be reacting to/watching certain clips.


These copyright issues seem to be a massive problem among YouTubers in general, and content creators like PewDiePie have slammed YouTube because of copyright rules recently. Ludwig seemed to be unclear on these rules in his early days streaming on the platform, but he's starting to recognize what he can and can't do.

Things might have gotten off to  a bumpy start for Ludwig, but it seems like he's getting a better grasp of the rules. Now he just needs to make sure he signs into the correct platform when his streams start.