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Things Couldn't Be Going Worse For Ludwig On YouTube

Since Ludwig announced he was leaving Twitch for YouTube on Nov. 29 due to better opportunities for content creation, support from the platform, and earnings, he's received support from fans and fellow streaming stars like TimTheTatman for his big decision. He joins the likes of DrLupo and Valkyrae in his migration, adding to the growing notion that YouTube looks a lot better than Twitch right now. Despite what seems like an overall positive development for the streaming star, there's a catch: Ludwig has already been disciplined by his new platform of choice more than once.

The first infraction Ludwig faced came back in June 2021, way before his departure from Twitch. Due to sharing a popular meme published elsewhere on YouTube, the streamer got a weeklong posting ban that was eventually overturned thanks to a #FreeLudwig hashtag initiative on social media from his fans. The second ban came on Dec. 2,  right after Ludwig switched over to YouTube. Basically, he got in trouble for reacting to a clip of popular kid's song "Baby Shark" and was blocked from streaming for a few days.

Now, history has repeated itself as Ludwig has received yet another YouTube infraction, and he's not sure what to do to stay in the clear with the YouTube, which he figured would be more lenient about copyrighted material.

Ludwig's Latest Infraction

During his Sunday, Dec. 6 stream, Ludwig was abruptly shut down for watching copyrighted content yet again, this time in the form of Kurzgesagt videos. The stream was cut off abruptly, until Ludwig started another one immediately after. Though he got in trouble for streaming other channels' content, it wasn't a full-on ban. Opening the new stream, the star laughed that "we've got a bit of a problem: apparently, I'm gonna actually need to make content."

Jokes aside, since Ludwig has made a transition to focus on commentating and reacting, the fact that he's having so much trouble doing so might lead to more problems with YouTube. As he explained in his follow-up stream, Ludwig was receiving warning messages during the stream that he was watching copyrighted material. However, as he understood it, "I thought that [the warnings] meant they were gonna take the money from me, but it meant they were gonna take my a** down." His strategy of "pausing on purpose" to break up the copyrighted content wasn't enough to save him, and so far, it's unclear how he will move forward, despite his best ideas and brainstorm sessions on-stream with his friends HasanAbi and Valkyrae among others.

Naturally, Ludwig is concerned about his future on YouTube, since he wants to keep doing reaction videos — as he and his fans know and love. As he said, "My content...is other people's content. They don't get it!" All eyes are on his channel to see what changes he makes, if any, and if YouTube will loosen its grip on his signature content.