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Ubisoft Confirms What We All Suspected About Splinter Cell

Ubisoft officially announced that it's developing a new installment of the "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" series, something that fans have been waiting on for over a decade. Ubisoft teased a new "Splinter Cell" game over the past couple of years, but only now has the company finally confirmed it's for real. Ubisoft Toronto, just one branch of the internationally known game developer, will take charge of this latest project.


To clarify, this isn't a completely new "Splinter Cell" game. It's a remake of the original game that came out in the early 2000s. "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell" starred U.S. Navy Seal Sam Fischer, a member of the newly formed Third Echelon recon division, in his mission to extract data from international enemy bases. It's known as one of the most defining titles of the stealth genre, which partly explains why so many people wanted the series to make a comeback

In addition to its announcement tweet, Ubisoft posted an interview with three of the design leads, Creative Director Chris Auty, Producer Matt West, and Technical Producer Peter Handrinos, about what to expect in the remastered game. Ubisoft NA also uploaded a video in which an interviewer spoke with the developers who brought the first game to life.


What the developers have to say about Splinter Cell the remake

Ubisoft's interview with the "Splinter Cell" developers revealed key details about the upcoming title. Matt West described a remake as something that "takes what you'd do in a remaster and goes a little bit further with it." His team aims to keep the parts that worked in the original game intact while adding quality of life enhancements. For example, he specified that this new "Splinter Cell" will have updated graphics, but not turn into an open-world game. It's a stealth game, so they want to keep "every square inch represent[ing] intentionality."


Chris Auty added to this sentiment, saying that the team wanted to focus on keeping "Splinter Cell" as an example of "stealth redefined." Therefore, the game will support players who "creatively ... deal with challenges" through observing and adapting to outsmart the enemy with their tools. "Ideally, they end up coming out on the other side with no one having realized you were even there," he said. "That's the essence of Splinter Cell."

Ubisoft hasn't presented a release window for its "Splinter Cell" remake, though the developers confirmed that it was still in the early stages of development.