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Why Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Causing An Uproar

"Final Fantasy 7 Remake" made a splash when it was released in 2020. While critics had great things to say around the board, fans weren't as impressed with the story changes, which led it to be the "Final Fantasy" game that 27% of people wanted to get rid of. The remake finally hit PC over a year after its release, and outrage quickly followed as the quality of the game was abysmal.


Alexander Battaglia, a content creator for Digital Foundry, first posed the problems the PC port had on Twitter the day after it was released. Battaglia pointed out that the game's graphics stuttered as soon as the game started, which he called "unacceptable" and something that any playtester should have "surely realise[d]" was an issue. In fact, another worker for Digital Foundry said that the game was "literally the worst AAA release I have seen on PC in a good long time" and encouraged others not to buy it over on ResetEra. John Linneman, who also works at Digital Foundry, called the port "terrible," explaining that the dip in graphics affected the storytelling and immersion of the game.

Battaglia also explained that RTSS, a popular PC program that measures performance, wasn't picking up on the drops in framerate. This led to further questions from others about if Square Enix did something to manipulate framerate results, which could be a very shady move if it turns out to be true.


The internet isn't too happy with Square Enix

This wasn't the first time that the internet had been annoyed by Square Enix or the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake." Things were already looking worse for "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" when there were issues earlier this year with transferring save data between the PS4 and the PS5 versions of the game. Now that more problems came up with the PC version of the game, players have had enough of Square Enix.


One Twitter user was outraged by the problems with the game given its price of $70. Another was just as angry with the price point considering that there were very few graphics settings and no way to adjust them in-game. More comments on the port called it "the laziest PC port," explaining that the in-game button prompts are still PlayStation symbols for keyboard and mouse players.

It's clear that Square Enix has upset a large group of "Final Fantasy" players, and hopefully the group can patch out the problems so PC players can get to the ending of the game.