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Pro Tips You Need Before Playing Halo Infinite's Campaign

Players may have been able to get their hands on the multiplayer component of 343 Industries' "Halo Infinite" earlier than expected, but many found they needed the extra time — and maybe even more — to practice and hone their skills in preparation for the title's campaign. "Halo Infinite" does a lot to move away from the poorly received "Halo 5," even going as far as to suffer through a year-long delay to course-correct and recapture the classic "Halo" feel. That said, the title introduces an open-world experience that's all its own, throwing players a bit of a learning curve even if they're long-time "Halo" veterans.


Players that have donned Master Chief's armor before may have a few tricks burned into muscle memory, but it'll take more than coasting off past victories to survive Zeta Halo. New weapons, equipment, and the game world itself will change how every encounter is approached, not to mention the bad news that players cannot play the campaign co-op for the first time in the franchise's history. Here are the pro tips players need before playing the "Halo Infinite" Campaign.

Difficulty Cannot Be Changed Mid-Campaign

Many players may find this out the hard way, but the difficulty in "Halo Infinite" can't be changed mid-game. That said, this doesn't mean players are entirely locked into whatever difficulty they choose when beginning the Campaign; it means they'll just have to take a few extra steps every time an adjustment is in order. Campaign difficulty and any active Skulls can be modified after players quit their game and reload their save file. Continuing won't do the trick; players must select the "Load Save" option.


It's also worth mentioning that "Halo Infinite" approaches game difficulty differently from its predecessors. While "Halo Infinite" retains the same four difficulty options as other "Halo" entries (Easy, Normal, Heroic, and Legendary) 343 Industries balanced the intended player experience around the "Normal" difficulty (per VGC) as opposed to "Heroic," like past titles. For "Halo" veterans used to jumping into every game on the Heroic difficulty, they may want to test the waters on Normal first.

Capture Forward Operating Bases To Reveal The World

Offering players an open-world for the first time in "Halo" history, it's easy to find oneself overwhelmed in "Halo Infinite." The title provides no shortage of things to do or sights to see, but it can be difficult for players to make active decisions on what they should be spending their time doing. Thankfully, like the Viewpoints in the "Assassins Creed" franchise, the "Halo Infinite" map can become less mysterious as players find and seize Forward Operating Bases.


Capturing the Forward Operating Bases (FOB) on Zeta Halo can help players not only find their bearings but also direct them towards some of the title's most rewarding content. Each FOB acts as a waypoint players can fast-travel to and resupply at — but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Each time a player captures a FOB, all points of interest and collectibles in the area are revealed. Whether that's a new shiny Spartan Core or some Marines that need saving, players can be sure they'll benefit from tracking down whatever a FOB reveals. At the very least, each FOB taken will help Master Chief chart his course through Zeta Halo.

The Grappleshot Is God

"Halo Infinite" introduces a menagerie of new, returning and revamped equipment for players to experiment with during the Campaign, but none is more valuable than the Grappleshot. While it may seem like nothing more than a run-of-the-mill grappling hook, after a few Spartan Core upgrades, the Grappleshot becomes an indispensable tool that completely changes how players approach both navigation and combat, even providing the means to tucked-away secrets."


With the Grappleshot, players can claim a level of verticality that's never before been experienced in "Halo" titles, whether that means zipping up to a vantage point or escaping over blocking obstacles. In and out of combat, players will find themselves with newfound agility and this piece of equipment can even be used to pull in throwable power cells or propel oneself out of harm's way. As if that didn't make the Grappleshot formidable enough already, fully upgrading the item allows Master Chief to perform a special melee attack that emits a stunning shockwave. Mastering the Grappleshot will make life much easier for players and it'll be imperative for anyone looking to take on the title's toughest challenges.


Don't Underestimate The Drop Wall

The Drop Wall didn't make a huge splash when players first got their hands on the tool in "Halo Infinite" multiplayer, but it can save players' lives when they're taking on the Campaign. The Drop Wall is a piece of equipment that, as its name implies, drops a concave shield wheresoever it's deployed. In multiplayer matches, players found the item was about as effective as trying to shield bullets with a dish towel, but they should reconsider its use when embarking on the title's narrative.


There are plenty of points in the "Halo Infinite" Campaign where players may find themselves with their backs up against the wall and enemies approaching from all sides. This is where the Drop Wall shines. On its own, without any upgrades, it'll serve only to give players a brief breather, but if players invest some Spartan Cores into the Equipment, they can increase its strength, size and even empower the shots they fire through the barrier. A little protection is always worth having, especially when it shocks and stuns enemies too.

Every Enemy Has A Weakness

While it may be possible for some players to force their way through any challenging encounters they come across, other players may feel like they're being bested by the same enemies over and over again to no avail. In these cases, players need to remember that most enemies in "Halo Infinite" have weaknesses. There are four standard types of ammo weapons used in the game: Kinetic, Plasma, Shock, or Hardlight, and each one affects foes differently.


Weapons that use Kinetic ammo deal significant damage to unshielded foes but make little impact against shields themselves, while Plasma weaponry does the opposite. Shock weapons are good at dealing with enemy groups, additionally stunning plus adding a damage over time effect. Finally, Hardlight weapons appear to do well against mechanical and single targets, but limited ammo and unwieldiness can make taking on swarms problematic. 

With a working knowledge of how their weapons interact with the enemies they're encountering, players can equip themselves to take on any foe and best any encounter. Was a group of shielded Jackals sniping Master Chief before he could gun them down? A quick change to a Shock Rifle or Pulse Carbine should make short work of them. Focusing on the best way to eliminate individual enemies will make conquering Zeta Halo's enemies much easier, and the same applies to those valuable HVTs that might be dogging players.