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The Indiana Jones Cameo You Missed In Fallout: New Vegas

While "Fallout 76" continues to limp on and fans make do with replaying "Fallout 4" until more news about a sequel materializes, many players may think back and fondly remember their time spent with "Fallout: New Vegas." Memories are likely filled with the title's wild west themes, Victor the RobCo robot and maybe even the odd secret or two, but many won't recall Harrison Ford. It's easy for fans to miss, but "Fallout: New Vegas" contains a cheeky "Indiana Jones" cameo hidden in plain sight.


It's not totally implausible to imagine happening across a legendary treasure hunter and adventurer in a "Fallout" game, but players probably weren't expecting to find Indiana Jones in the Mojave Wasteland. Though the cameo is limited to appearance and reference only, it's still a treat to see Obsidian Entertainment break the fourth wall in such a big way. Here's where players can find Indiana Jones in "Fallout: New Vegas" and the significance of the cameo.

Where Is Indiana Jones In Fallout: New Vegas?

There's a catch to finding Indiana Jones in "Fallout: New Vegas," and it involves the Wild Wasteland trait (per ZeTriXxMedia). The trait, obtainable from the start of the game during character creation, is required to glimpse the iconic hero. Wild Wasteland offers no combat advantages, but it allows for unique interactions and fills the game with easter eggs. Players with the trait will want to head to Goodsprings and take the southeast road out of town.


A little way along the path, players will be able to spot a refrigerator in the desert sand. Upon closer inspection, one will find a skeleton in the fridge and an all-too-familiar hat accompanying the boney remains. This is Mr. Jones, or at least it used to be. While the reference might immediately land for diehard "Indiana Jones" movie fans, others might be left asking why the hero has been reduced to bones in an appliance.

What Does Indiana Jones' Cameo Mean?

The Indiana Jones cameo in "Fallout 76" is Obsidian Entertainment's way of taking a jab at the fourth "Indiana Jones" movie, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." In the film, there's a scene where the titular protagonist saves himself from a nuclear blast by crawling into a refrigerator. The appliance, noted in the movie to be lined with lead, saves Jones from the immediate devastation of the explosion, and after the shockwave rockets the character out into the desert, he pops the fridge open to roll out unharmed.


Obsidian Entertainment clearly doesn't think Indiana Jones would be that lucky — at least not in the "Fallout" universe. While players aren't able to go as far as to talk to the legendary movie hero, they can snag his sweet hat for themselves. Plus, players will always know, at least in-game, it requires more grit to survive the Mojave Wasteland than Indiana Jones had.