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This Fortnite Challenge Gives 'The Rock' A New Meaning

Some creative "Fortnite" players found a clever (but silly) way to take down one of the bosses in the game's battle royale mode. The Foundation, one of The Seven in "Fortnite" lore, is voiced by and modeled after Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is one of the more difficult bosses roaming the new map in "Fortnite: Chapter 3," but a group of dedicated players have seemingly found an ironic weakness: rocks


In a clip shared on Reddit, user MakTora and their squad surrounded The Foundation and began throwing coal at him until The Rock's character was eventually defeated by the actor's namesake. MakTora explained in another comment that their squad was able to acquire a ton of coal by taking down Santa and his Elves, who were present during the game's holiday event. 

Of course, this wasn't just as simple as pelting the enemy with a handful of stones. Another person in the comments was able to calculate the number of hits it should have taken, since throwing coal at someone deals 20 damage and The Foundation has a set amount of health at 2600 HP.

The process of defeating The Rock with rocks

An on-screen tracker in MakTora's clip logged the number of direct coal hits in the battle against the Foundation, ending at 115. However, another user pointed out it should have taken 130, which led to MakTora acknowledging that the count may have been slightly off. 


Either way, it wasn't an easy or quick process to defeat The Foundation, as the whole squad needed to build, duck, and weave around him to avoid getting killed while also accurately throwing tons of coal at him. MakTora revealed in another comment that the whole endeavor took about 5 hours to complete, which probably included a few failed attempts. This is certainly a creative way to take advantage of celebrity likeness in the game and something that not every player will be able to do, especially since the holiday event will end soon. 

Of course, The Foundation and The Rock himself will be available to all battle pass holders later in the season, as The Foundation was confirmed as the "secret" skin for this season (per GameSpot). In the meantime, "Chapter 3 – Season 1" battle pass owners can also work towards unlocking Spider-Man, along with multiple suit variants for those willing to grind out levels.