Dumb Things Everyone Ignores In Fortnite: Chapter 3

The release of Fortnite: Chapter 3" marked a pretty exciting time to be a battle royale fan. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson confirmed everyone's suspicions that even he would be making an appearance in the new chapter, and everyone was excited over all of the game's new features, like camping in tents. New weapons were also added into the game, shaking up the meta and helping long-time players stay invested. The new battle pass introduced Spider-Man to the game, bringing web-swinging action to the island just in time for "Spider-Man: No Way Home."


While there were plenty of great things for people to get excited about in the latest era of "Fortnite," some players quickly began realizing some of the more problematic aspects of the new chapter. To put it simply, there are things about "Chapter 3" that just don't make sense from a logical standpoint, even for a game as bizarre as "Fortnite."

Trees will fall where they want

While players are busy keeping their eyes peeled for enemies around them, they'll also want to keep an eye on the greenery surrounding them. That's right — nature has become a major player in "Fortnite" again, but now players have more to worry about than enemies  running around in a bush. Trees can now give you the smackdown if you're not careful.


If you're standing too close to a tree, enemies can simply shoot the tree, sending it toppling down on you. The direction that the tree is shot in doesn't matter, either. Players just have to shoot the tree and it falls towards anyone standing near it, defying the laws of physics.

While this can be a pretty funny feature, especially when you see it happen for the first time, it can lead to some unintended effects. Considering the "spray meta" prevalent in "Chapter 3" — which sees players firing wildly with automatic weapons as soon as they see an opponent — it's far too easy for players to accidentally hit a nearby tree when shooting at a distant enemy. At that point, it's game over for the player under the tree.


Removing Shakedowns makes the changed island even less inviting

As noted by Forever Fortnite, one of the best things that "Fortnite" had added into the game in "Chapter 2" was the Shakedown feature. As the name implies, this allowed players to shakedown enemies and gather intel regarding the location of teammates. However, the Shakedown animation took a bit of time, which could leave players vulnerable if they weren't careful with how/when they used it.


For some reason, the feature was cut from the newest season of "Fortnite." From a gameplay perspective, the removal didn't make much sense – interrogating enemies was a fun feature, and it opened up new strategies for players. It also helped teammates work together and coordinate attacks against enemy squads, which were revealed following a completed shakedown. Considering the fact that the island has evolved yet again, it seems like a step back to take out another form of communication. 

Wounded players can't stand up, but they can use a zipline

One of the key elements in surviving "Fortnite" is the fact that players will get knocked down before being outright killed. This gives them a chance to crawl to safety somewhere and hope that their teammate can heal them before they bleed out or are finished off by an opponent.


However, what doesn't make sense is the fact that people who are downed can now take a joyride on the various zipines around the map. It's a bizarre sight to see someone crawling on their belly, only to suddenly become quite spry as they grab onto a zipline.

That's not the only surprisingly thing players can do when downed. For instance, rawling players are also able to use vending machines and open doors. While being downed is nothing new, the extra mobility afforded to players while on their stomachs is all-new and all-confusing in "Chapter 3."