Why Twitch Shut Down This Ludwig Interview

Once the most-subbed streamer on Twitch, Ludwig has since left the platform to stream exclusively on YouTube. As hinted at previously, Ludwig left Twitch because YouTube offered him a better deal, but he also expressed a feeling that Twitch didn't care whether he left or not. Despite this, it appeared that Ludwig didn't have any hard feelings towards Twitch after leaving, but a recent stream with TheStockGuy that might not be mutual. 


TheStockGuy is a streamer who streams his daily stock trading on Twitch. TheStockGuy also hosted an interview show that was produced by Twitch itself. During one of TheStockGuy's recent daily streams, Ludwig called in to chat about stocks and finances. As they talked, TheStockGuy revealed to Ludwig why his planned appearance on the interview show was cancelled. 

TheStockGuy explained that he invited Ludwig to come on as the final interview of the previous season, to end the year "with a bang." Ludwig apparently agreed to appear and the two started preparing for the show. Unfortunately, Twitch rejected Ludwig as a guest on the interview show close to the last minute, despite TheStockGuy attempts to convince the platform to let Ludwig on. 


Twitch did not directly state why Ludwig was refused, but TheStockGuy had a few theories.

Twitch may not have wanted Ludwig advertising YouTube

TheStockGuy theorized that Twitch didn't want Ludwig prominently featured on the Amazon-owned platform because he'd signed with YouTube. He said he asked Twitch execs multiple times if they were really that upset with Ludwig, only to be met with a refusal each time. Ludwig seemed confused by Twitch's hostility towards him, but TheStockGuy said, "You embarrassed them. That's my speculation. They didn't say that, for the record."


Of course, Twitch hasn't publicly stated that it holds any kind of grudge against Ludwig, but TheStockGuy's experience seems to indicate that the company may take the departure of a major streamer personally, at least on some level.

Ludwig laughed this news off and quickly changed the subject, as the two began discussing how things on YouTube are working out for Ludwig. Truthfully, things started out poorly on YouTube for Ludwig, with multiple bans and copyright issues plaguing his early days on the platform. However, it seems like Ludwig is making the transition work, despite some apparent hard feelings from Twitch.