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Why Amouranth Is Steering Clear Of Twitch's New Meta

Amouranth typically breaks into every new Twitch meta that appears. She conquered Twitch's "Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos" meta by filming herself taking care of her horse. And she quickly changed gears from hot tubs to ASMR when the newer Twitch meta took over hot tub streams. In other words, Amouranth is savvy to what her audience wants, as well as what performs well on the Twitch charts. She's also advocated for herself along the way, firing back at those who criticized her hot tub streams. Now, there's a new meta that Amouranth wants to steer clear of — and it's all about looking out for her fans.


Many streamers, like xQc, have begun watching television shows "with" their audiences while streaming. xQc has been watching the Gordon Ramsey show "MasterChef" with his fans, reacting to the episodes along the way. For the most part, fans seem to love it, and have been tuning out in droves to see how their favorite personalities react to their favorite shows. However, Amouranth said she's just not interested in producing that sort of content.

In a recent conversation with her friend and fellow streamer Ludwig, Amouranth revealed the reason why she thinks she'll stay away from watching TV on stream for now.

It's safer this way

"Why haven't you just watched 'MasterChef' while being Amouranth?" Ludwig asked, arms behind his head casually. The pair had been discussing how Amouranth works extremely hard to make her viewers happy, streaming for around 45% of her year. That's a lot of work, Ludwig explained, and she could be doing other things while streaming, like watching TV.


"You see, I feel like while people who have contracts with Twitch and stuff, or are favored heavily by Twitch, might be able to get away with it, I feel like it's too risky for me to do it," Amouranth said. She continued to explain that she doesn't have a contract with Twitch and is free to leave the platform or pursue other platforms if she chooses. "You don't treat me right, you're gonna lose me. Be careful," she warned.

Her caution makes sense, considering that Twitch has changed its DMCA rules more than once, and frequently strikes streamers for violating convoluted copyright laws. Amouranth's decision to remain contract-less — potentially avoiding a big payout from Twitch for exclusivity — especially considering that Twitch sometimes treats its streamers unequally, putting some on a mysterious "do not ban" list while throwing others under the bus. For now, fans can continue to expect more of the same from Amouranth. While she's not planning to watch TV shows on stream anytime soon, she still plans to continue making content.