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Dying Light 2's 100% Completion Takes A Ridiculous Amount Of Time

"Dying Light 2: Stay Human" is a project that's been on quite a lot of people's radars since it was first revealed way back at E3 2018. While there was one point in time when fans were worried that the game might be in serious trouble because of issues with the developer, things seem to have gotten back on track and promotion for the upcoming game is in full swing. Recently, fans were over the moon with excitement when Corpse Husband starred in a "Dying Light 2" short film promote the game. However, fans were on the other end of the excitement spectrum when it was revealed just how long it will take to complete a 100% playthrough of "Dying Light 2."


On January 8, the official "Dying Light" Twitter account posted that it will take "at least 500 hours" to fully complete the new game. In a quirky side-note, the post also mentioned that 500 hours is about the time it takes to walk from Warsaw to Madrid. The tweet seemed to indicate that the social media manager thought people would be excited about the news. Instead, fans were completely outraged.

Many of the accounts followers were quick to argue that no game comprised of quality content could take that long to finish. Others said that this news turned them off of the game, which some fear will be packed with filler. In response to the backlash, the official "Dying Light" Twitter account then released a string of tweets to try and alleviate fans' worries, but it didn't seem to work.


The actual campaign and even side quests won't take even a quarter of the time

In a reply to one person's complaint, the Twitter account explained that the main story and side quests in the game should take around 75 hours to complete altogether. Later, the account quoted the original post and said the same thing, adding in that the average player can get in quite a bit of exploring in under 100 hours. However, there was no explanation on what would make up the other 400 or so hours.


In the Twitter thread, people were still upset that it could take so much time to 100% the game — time that not everyone has to sink into it. One player commented that they were tired of seeing games "bloated with pointless [things]." Throughout the tweets, there were some that supported the extremely long completion time, citing games like "The Witcher 2" and "Metal Gear Solid 5" as great games that take a long time to finish. 

Fans will be able to see for themselves if "Dying Light 2" is worth their time when the game is released on February 4, 2022.