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If You Hate Bloom In Warzone, There's Good And Bad News

Fans of "Call of Duty: Warzone" continue to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster as the developers continue to quietly make changes to the game. At the launch of "Call of Duty: Vanguard," players kept missing their shots. It was eventually discovered that guns in "Vanguard" made use of bloom effects. Bloom, for those who don't know, is an effect that occurs in FPS games, during which continuous shooting causes bullets to deviate from the reticle with a degree of randomness. This had not been present in recent "Call of Duty" games, causing many fans to be upset by the addition. As noted by Dexerto, shortly after "Vanguard" was integrated into "Warzone," weapon bloom was quietly removed from "Vanguard" weapons in "Warzone," much to the excitement of players.

Unfortunately, this celebrated move seems to have been quietly walked back, but in a different way than players may have expected. As discovered by TrueGameData on YouTube, bloom has been quietly added to two weapons in "Warzone" — the Stoner 63 and the MG82. TrueGameData has speculated that bloom may have been added as a method of nerfing the weapons. Interestingly, both guns are from "Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War," a title that didn't feature bloom, meaning these weapons are deviating from their original version. Needless to say, fans are confused by the change.

Only two guns have bloom in Warzone, so far

TrueGameData was able to confirm that the Stoner 63 and the MG82 are the only two weapons in "Warzone" to get bloom added (so far). He tested every weapon from both "Vanguard" and "Black Ops Cold War", but was only able to test six weapons from "Modern Warfare." Since a large majority of players have hopped into the "Vanguard"-only playlists (since those are the newest modes), this change isn't affecting most players.

In the Twitter replies to TrueGameData sharing his video, it seems most players aren't too upset about the changes. One person even suggested that the bloom could be a bug, rather than a purposeful change. However, others have expressed suspicion regarding the bloom on the older guns, with one user theorizing that the change was made to force players to buy blueprints for newer weapons. 

It remains to be seen if bloom will be added back to "Vanguard" weapons in "Warzone" or if this was a one-time fix for some overpowered weapons. "Warzone" has gotten off to a bumpy start in 2022, with players running into some crazy glitches. One new skin was even turning players invisible, which can be another big issue for players looking for a fair match.