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Call Of Duty Fans Are Furious Over This Controversial Agreement

Fans of the "Call of Duty" League are not happy with a decision the professional teams have made ahead of the next season. Shared on Twitter by CDL Intel, a "GA" (Gentleman's Agreement) to not use sniper rifles in "Call of Duty" League matches in the upcoming season has been passed unanimously. The vote was reported as 12-0, with all 12 competing teams voting to not use sniper rifles. However, there is some controversy surrounding reports of the vote. 


Rokkr Saintt, the head coach of the Minnesota Rokkr in the League, said on Twitter that he was against removing sniper rifles or a GA of any kind, but by the time his team got to vote, it was already 9-0 and the agreement had essentially been solidified. Attach, a player for Minnesota Rokkr, confirmed Rokkr Saint's account and agreed with his stance on the matter.

The controversy goes beyond the professionals and the coaches, however, as viewers of the COD League are not happy about the decision to disallow sniper rifles in the upcoming season. In a heated post on the CoDCompetitive subreddit, many fans made it clear that they are also unhappy with the decision.

Fans want sniper rifles in professional Call of Duty matches

The main issue for fans, it seems, is that in the previous competitive season sniper rifles were also banned from the previous competitive season. Some fans have argued that this makes the game less interesting to watch for viewers, especially during Search and Destroy matches.


User baseballviper04 wrote, "Everyone complained about how boring SND was last year because of no snipers and so what do they do, [they] GA the non broken snipers."

Another complaint from fans is that the pro players have not publicly explained why they feel sniper rifles need to be barred from competition, especially when these weapons were apparently acceptable during the "Modern Warfare" days of the League. This decision to ban sniper rifles could end up backfiring on the League, as a number of Redditors have said that they have no interest in watching this season because of the GA.

From broken modes to a lack of ranked mode, "Call of Duty: Vanguard" fans have experienced a great deal of disappointment since the game launched, and this is just the latest blow. It remains to be seen whether or not the "Call of Duty" League will change its decision regarding the controversial Gentleman's Agreement.