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FaZe Rain Got Honest About His Addiction

Many gamers know about the FaZe Clan because of their success in competitions, their luxurious mansion, and the interpersonal trouble amongst the group that brewed throughout 2020. After team member and owner Nordan "FaZe Rain" Shat suddenly moved out of the group's mansion, fans began to wonder what was happening behind closed doors. Though the group initially said Rain's departure was a mutual decision, Rain began making disparaging comments about his colleagues and team co-owner FaZe Banks explained that Rain was asked to leave because of substance abuse. The sad reveal shocked fans, who were previously unaware of the streamer's struggles.


After taking some time to cool off after the initial blow of leaving the mansion, FaZe Rain addressed his fans on Twitter, pleading with them to stay away from drugs and to use his case as a warning. In a series of now-deleted tweets, he said, "I'm posting this because I have severe nerve damage. All I know now is pain. I can't walk anymore & get 30 seizures a day." He also told fans, "learn from me. You don't want this!" FaZe Rain explained that he'd lost some motor control over parts of his body, rendering him temporarily unable to walk on his own and dependent on a wheelchair.

Despite his fame and success, FaZe Rain also tweeted that he struggled with his mental health, and had often considered suicide. In order to help deal with what he was feeling, he turned to drugs, and things went downhill from there. Months later, after careful reflection, FaZe Rain returned to the internet to share a heartfelt video with his viewers, finally getting truly honest about his addiction and its repercussions.


Drugs took FaZe Rain to rock bottom

At the beginning of his video chat with fans, FaZe Rain exclaimed, "I missed y'all!" and kissed the camera. Rain said he didn't know how he slipped into his "drug phase," but that he was happy to be on the other side of it. Rain said that he hadn't been able to walk for seven months, and that he suspected that he was experiencing symptoms of chemical neuropathy, a condition where the brain sends false pain signals to different parts of the body. While doctors hadn't been much help, and experiencing chronic pain wasn't easy, Rain seemed optimistic that he'd get through it.


A few short months later, Rain began a stream by enthusiastically showing his fans how much progress he'd made learning to walk again, hopping around on one leg and yelling ecstatically. Rain said that he felt like he was fortunate in being able to share his experiences with others and save them the agony of going through it themselves. He explained that he wanted to find ways to help others with drug addiction and mental health struggles in the future, though he didn't elaborate on how he wanted to do that just yet.

FaZe Rain's return

FaZe Rain bluntly told fans in another video that he took drugs because he thought they would kill him, but instead of dying he injured himself instead, leading to his chronic pain. Reflecting on when he was kicked out of the Clan mansion, he said that at the time he was upset – especially because the crew kicked him out on his birthday – but he wouldn't change anything about the decision itself. "I deserved it," he said. Thankfully, FaZe Rain's exile didn't last forever. After taking the time to heal a bit, FaZe Rain rejoined the FaZe Clan mansion in late 2021.


FaZe Rain appeared in a video about the group's recent activity. The video showed him undergoing physical therapy to rehabilitate his legs. It was clear that his teammates feel supportive of Rain's efforts to heal his body, as the video showed others helping him get around L.A. in his wheelchair. He also noted that he frequently used the mansion's gym to work on his physical therapy exercises because it allowed him to use better weights and have more room to maneuver.

In August 2021, Rain tweeted, "1 year drug free," celebrating his first year of sobriety after what could only be described as a harrowing experience. His fans and fellow streamers wished him well, congratulating him on his accomplishment. 


If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction issues, help is available. Visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website or contact SAMHSA's National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.