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Amouranth Points Out Twitch Ban Hypocrisy

Amouranth is a pretty controversial and influential streamer in the Twitch community, to say the least. Last month, a new episode in Vice's "My Online Life" series focused on Amouranth, who revealed some secrets of her trade. In the video, Amouranth shared details about her inner world and the loneliness of streaming, as well as stats on her internet empire — which she said makes about $1.5 million a month between her various social accounts that pull in revenue. That's not all she talked about, either. In the video, she explained why some Twitch bans are hypocritical, especially against women.

Amouranth pointed out that Twitch has a massive problem when it comes to banning many creators because of sexual content. While there are plenty of bogus bans that have happened on the platform, Twitch has an issue with consistency when it comes to women's bodies, in her opinion.

She explained that Twitch shouldn't be banning women for embracing their bodies when plenty of popular and massively streamed games constantly sexualize women, citing games like "Dead or Alive" and "Grand Theft Auto." She went on further to explain that these games were made and played by men, and that Twitch only has an issue when "real women" try to embrace their sexuality.

Amouranth also explained that the fact that Twitch doesn't explain its bans when they're given out because it doesn't want "the accountability" or "to be in charge of holding up [its] own policies," an issue that would solve the hypocritical nature of the bans.

This isn't Twitch's first rodeo with ban issues

While Twitch has plenty of shady sides, the banning problem has been ongoing for years. The company doesn't let streamers know what exactly they're being banned for, and has enacted several now infamous bans under unknown circumstance –- particularly Dr Disrespect's ban that kicked him off the platform entirely and could be leading to a lawsuit.

After careful consideration, Twitch now gives streamers a bit more information about why they're being banned, but it's not much. Streamers now know what stream they get banned for and a date the stream took place, but that isn't always enough to go off of, especially when most people stream for hours at a time. Considering that streamers weren't even notified every single time they were banned before, it was a pretty monumental change.

While Amouranth has her problems with Twitch and its hypocritical and arguably sexist bans, she hasn't left the platform yet. Twitch has changed its ban policies in the past, so there's a possibility that it could solidify its rules or actually enforce the ones it has now.