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It's Time To Talk About Amouranth's Music Video

Amouranth, one of the most popular female Twitch streamers, just released a fully-produced rap music video called "Down Bad." This musical masterpiece features the OnlyFans queen in a series of revealing outfits and butt-bouncing scenes, singing in a heavily synthesized voice and proudly showing off her "assets," which she highlights in her lyrics. However, the streamer revealed, the whole thing has been done in jest, rather than as a serious effort to connect with others in any deeper way. 


When one YouTube commenter suggested that she made the song bad on purpose, Amouranth responded, "I did. Because I know bad songs get more views and comments and downvotes which all [equals] engagement which [equals] more money. And now my next one will look amazing in comparison when I actually work with professionals."

In addition to these comments, Amouranth has gone out of her way to like and respond to YouTube comments about how ridiculous the video is (alongside the genuine compliments, of course). Her lyrics also toy with the idea of her critics being infuriated at her, yet still giving her free advertising by publicly hating on her. The video is also full of sight gags, like a cameo of Ludwig shaking his butt at the camera as she tosses dollar bills in the air. Part of the music video was also filmed in a 7/11, referencing the fact that she bought one earlier in the year.


Basically, "Down Bad" is a glamorous troll and parody of today's rap videos, and most of the internet seems to be here for it. Here's what fans have to say about Amouranth's music video.

What the internet thinks of "Down Bad"

Many of Amouranth's fans have acknowledged that the video is objectively not good, yet they appreciate it for the humor. The YouTube comments alone tell a story of viewers having a laugh and Amouranth taking it all in stride.


"Thank you Amouranth, my grandpa has been in a coma for the last three years," one commenter wrote. "When I put this song on he woke up just to throw my phone out of the hospital window." Amouranth liked the comment and responded with, "worth."

"Hearing this has motivated me to make this my alarm song that way I can wake up fast to turn it off," another commenter joked. Amouranth also positively responded to this comment, though others were quick to tell her the person was insulting her work. However, considering her responses across the board, Amouranth knows and doesn't care if they have a problem with "Down Bad."

It's currently unclear if Amouranth will continue posting videos like this on her channel or if it was just a fun one-time project. Some fans noted that she actually does like to sing. We'll have to wait to see how far Amouranth continues in her newfound music career.