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How To Unlock IQ In Rainbow Six: Extraction

Now that "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Extraction" is finally available to play (after a few delays), fans are discovering a whole new world of alien mayhem that makes this title stand out from previous entries in the franchise. The latest game in this series offers players at least 20 hours of PvE co-op FPS gameplay. With 12 maps and "at least" 13 missions to explore, all offering a slightly different experience each time, fans are already getting a good idea of the game's replay value. Additional endgame content will be updated regularly, giving players even more to look forward to.


As if that's not enough to keep players on their toes, "Rainbow Six: Extraction" gives players the chance to step into the shoes of 18 different Operators fighting against the infected alien invasion. However, only half of them are unlocked at the start of the game: Doc, Ela, Pulse, Alibi, Finka, Hibana, Lion, Sledge, and Vigil. The other half must be unlocked over time in the game, with the first available Operator being the aptly-named IQ.

Unlock IQ at Development Milestone 5 for Strategic Advantages

Unlocking IQ can provide players with a competitive edge in "Rainbow Six: Extraction." As explained on the game's official site, IQ has a "tenacious, no-fail attitude" as well as "proficiency with the R.E.D SPECTRE Electronics Detector," which gives her a huge leg up when it comes to "locating hostiles and communicating enemy positions to the team." IQ uses the AUG-A2 assault rifle, which is available from the get-go of the game, and additional weapons become available as she grows her skills. All that's left is learning how to unlock IQ.


All it takes to access IQ is the dedication to play "Rainbow Six: Extraction" enough to level up a bit. IQ, as well as all the unlockable Operators who follow, can be unlocked by reaching certain levels, or Development Milestones. Once players reach Development Milestone 5, they'll unlock IQ (per Twinfinite).

The other way to unlock IQ more quickly For those who just can't wait to suit up as this stealthy slayer, IQ can be unlocked much quicker by spending REACT Credits (a.k.a. R6). As noted by RockPaperShotgun, this in-game currency can either be purchased with real-world money or won by playing the Maelstrom Protocol endgame content. Of course, that second option would be a bit backwards, since IQ can be unlocked in much less time than it takes to reach the Maelstrom Protocol at Level 17. IQ costs 1,000 R6, equivalent to $9.99 in real dollars.


Whether players choose to dole out the cash or work their way through the ranks, IQ is the easiest Operator to unlock, and she can definitely help "Rainbow Six: Extraction" players up their game.