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How To Level Up Fast In Rainbow Six Extraction

Leveling up quickly is a crucial skill in "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction." Not only will doing so allow players to unlock all of the game's missions — including ranked endgame mode Maelstrom Protocol. It'll also help them unlock new Operators like IQ, the first character reward gamers reach at Development Milestone 5 who can help them locate enemies and hidden devices.


"Rainbow Six Extraction" has a unique gameplay setup with many different missions and maps for players to explore. While all content available at launch takes about 20 hours to get through, there's also post-launch content promised for the future. So, how can players level up fast?

First, gamers will want to understand the types of leveling in "Rainbow Six Extraction." The main type of leveling is done through reaching Development Milestones by gaining XP through mission completion and victory. Up to 30 levels are available, and certain levels allow players to unlock new Operators and more advanced missions. There's also a 10-level Operator Advancement feature that allows players to get new weapons for a specific operator. Though this function also uses XP in parallel with Milestone levels, it is only possible to upgrade an Operator who is in play for a mission. Finally, Tech Tree leveling doesn't use XP directly, but it will allow players to unlock weapons and armor through points gained in Milestone leveling.


Since Development Milestone leveling is the most universal, this guide will help gamers quickly increase their level to unlock as much "Rainbow Six Extraction" content as possible in a short time.

Be a Team Player

Obviously, this one goes without saying, though it's important that players really take it to heart. Since "Rainbow Six Extraction" is primarily a co-op game for a team of three players versus the Archæans, getting into a groove with one's team is a make-or-break factor in leveling up.


There are many ways to be a team player, though the most basic component is having the right attitude. Players should prioritize winning as a trio over individual achievements or impressive kills, as a victory will ultimately rank in more XP and that's the ultimate goal. A team mindset will influence one's Operator selection, weapon selection, and strategy once things start heating up.

A few specific ways to get towards a team player mindset are incorporating pings and getting plugged in with a headset. Obviously, voice communication is as clear as it gets for getting a team on the same page, though strategically pinging teammates can suffice if voice isn't an option. It can also serve as an additional tool for headset use. The best teams in "Rainbow Six Extraction" stick together, share tips and supplies, and lean on their strengths to identify and exploit the weak spots of enemies. It's hard to change one's mindset, especially when transitioning over from a single-player shooter, though practice and patience are the ultimate keys to success. Communication and teamwork are everything.


Prioritize Stealth Kills

As multiple sources have noted, killing an enemy Archæan in "Rainbow Six Extraction" grants more XP than usual if a player gets the job done without being detected first. Not only will this strategy help players get more XP by working the point system — it will also make them better players in the process, since staying hidden when needed is an important skill in "Rainbow Six Extraction."


There are more ways to accomplish a stealth kill than one might realize at first. Though it might first seem that guns would automatically attract Archæan attention, the fact that all guns come with silencers means shooting is still a viable stealth option.

Players would also be wise to consider stealth abilities when selecting an Operator. For example, Vigil's undetectable ability and Hibana's "remotely detonable sticky explosives" could offer a major advantage in high-XP stealth kill opportunities. On top of prioritizing stealth kills, players should always make use of scanner features like Lion's when available, as scanning an enemy before killing it also grants bonus XP.

Take Advantage of Studies

Studies are the "map-specific in-game challenges" in "Rainbow Six Extraction" that will give players a major leg up in their quest to gain XP fast. Every map gives players the option to select a set of three Studies. Once the trio has been tackled, players get XP as well as additional in-game treats.


Since some maps are more difficult than others, players are advised to stay on track within a difficulty level that's right for them to avoid starting a set of studies only to be forced to leave them incomplete. In addition to Studies, players may be tempted by Objectives. These are considered a bit riskier since they could lead to a higher chance of dying, so players would be wise to weigh the pros and cons before committing to an Objective to the possible detriment of their ultimate mission goal.

These are just a few key factors to leveling up fast in "Rainbow Six Extraction." For those already looking ahead beyond the thrills and kills of "Rainbow Six Extraction," the reveal of Ubisoft's next Tom Clancy crossover already has fans talking.