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How Long Does It Take To Beat Horizon Forbidden West?

The release of "Horizon Forbidden West" is right around the corner, and fans are getting excited. The PS4 version of the game was unfortunately leaked ahead of the game's release, but seeing just how beautiful the game really is added to the hype. Developers are getting excited too, gearing up to see their project released to an eager audience, and some of the game's workers have taken interviews to increase the hype surrounding the game. In an interview with German publication GamePro, "Horizon Forbidden West" director Mathijs de Jonge finally let players in on a little secret: the length of Aloy's new adventure.

When "Horizon Zero Dawn" first released, players were amazed by the open-world filled with mecha-dinosaurs and other fascinating technology. The story was captivating as well, building a strange new world while also capturing Aloy's personal story — and critics raved about it. In fact, people loved it so much that it sold 2.6 million copies in less than two weeks. The new game is poised to inspire much of the same enthusiasm.

According to Mathijs de Jonge (per Google Translate), the sequel to "Horizon Zero Dawn" will be about as long as the original. This is pretty great news for nearly every type of player, since the playtime for "Horizon Zero Dawn" was so vast depending on how much time a player wanted to put into it.

Horizon Forbidden West is comparable in size to Horizon Zero Dawn

According to HowLongToBeat.com, playtimes for "Horizon Zero Dawn" varied wildly. For the main story, the average player took around 23 hours, while side quests and other "extras" could make that number jump to 45 hours. Completionists spent about 61 hours in the game. "The Frozen Wilds" DLC added about eight hours of story content, which could lead to 18 hours for completionists.

All in all, that's a pretty wide range of game time. Players who enjoy shorter storylines will be happy with the length of "Horizon Forbidden West," and players who enjoy long playthroughs and exploring a vast open world should also be pleased with the extras sprinkled throughout.

It's also important to note that many players put many more hours into "Horizon Zero Dawn" than even the completionist playtime logged on HowLongToBeat.com — one Reddit thread saw many players that spent upwards of 100 hours in the game, with at least one player spending over 400 hours in the world of "Horizon Zero Dawn." Going by Mathijs de Jonge's comments, it's likely that "Horizon Forbidden West" will follow suit, creating an absorbing world that's easy to get lost in.