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Star Wars 1313 Prototype Footage Reveals What Could Have Been

It can be hard to look back at games that never saw the light of day. Of course, some titles don't make it beyond development for a wide variety of good reasons, but it stings all the more when the game in question looks like it would have shaped up into something worthwhile. This is the case fo "Star Wars 1313," a game that Disney never released – and as time has passed, fans have gotten to see more and more of what could have been one of the most unique "Star Wars" games ever. Fans recently got good news about upcoming "Star Wars" games, but they'll forever look back at what "Star Wars 1313" could have been. Now, alleged prototype footage for "Star Wars 1313" has been posted to YouTube by archive channel The Vault

The Vault consists of a community of scribes and modders who, among other things, have put a considerable amount of effort into delivering a playable sequel to 2005's "Star Wars Battlefront 2." While it's difficult to decisively prove the validity of what was shown, the footage sure looks like the scraps of the legendary canceled "Star Wars" game, which would have starred Boba Fett. Here's what the "Star Wars 1313" prototype footage reveals about the game and why it's a shame fans will never get to play it.

What would Star Wars 1313 have been like?

The YouTube video uploaded by The Vault gives fans a pretty good idea of how the gameplay would look and feel in "Star Wars 1313," although the prototype footage didn't offer any glimpses at shootouts or combat. Opening up, the clip shows Boba Fett being controlled for the first time, making his way through a smog-filled market in the underbelly of Coruscant. An assortment of different alien species can be seen, their languages adding to the cacophony of the busy alleyways.

Viewers can spot a few scripted events playing out, like a clumsy patron who's had too much to drink and a fight on the market's outskirts. From there, the video cuts to a chase sequence where fans really get to see Boba in action. Similar to the "Uncharted" series, gameplay has Boba running, jumping, and even swinging across rooftops to pursue his prey.

While there are times where it kind of looks like Boba Fett is chasing someone across a bad PlayStation 2 game, the environments and textures clearly aren't finished in this prototype footage. However, it is clear that "Star Wars 1313" would have presented players with a unique and fun "Star Wars" game, unlike anything that's existed before it.