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Are Valorant's Neon And League Of Legends' Zeri The Same Character?

Riot Games, the studio behind the popular FPS "Valorant" and the well-known MOBA "League of Legends," has always kept their games up-to-date with patches that include new features and new characters for players to enjoy. The company also expanded and dropped two spin-offs out of nowhere in 2021. In January 2022, "Valorant" and "League of Legends" had a character release that looked suspiciously similar to each other, and it had fans wondering if they could be the same character.


Neon from "Valorant" is an agent who specializes in electrical currents, zapping enemies and gaining a speed boost to help her get up close and personal to opponents. She also has a stun grenade, making her a pretty useful agent for any situation. Zeri from "League of Legends" also showed off electric abilities, and her movement speed increases are reminiscent of Neon's speed boosts and slides.

The two are even similar in design, with high pigtails and face bandages. With all the similarities, could they be related? It turns out that both characters might be linked to an entirely different game.

The two could be clones of another character in the League universe

There are a lot of theories about how the two could be related, but there's not too much solid information to back most of these up. However, the most probable theory is that the two are clones of Kay, another character in the "League of Legends" universe. The answers are literally revealed by the cards.


Riot Games has a card game called "Legends of Runeterra" that features card decks based around characters and lore in the "League" universe. One of these decks features a champion named Ekko, and one of the cards includes Kay. Reddit user salasy mentioned that Kay, a character with high pigtails and a face bandage, uses a clone machine on the "Legends of Runeterra" card. The machine is even shown off in the splash art of the card, and Kay and Zeri have similar shirts on. Reddit user Baxland pointed out several similarities, adding evidence to the theory.

There's not enough information about Zeri and Neon to know if they're the same character or not, but the idea that they could be a kind of clone of Kay is both fun and plausible.