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Mad Maggie: Everything We Know About Apex Legends' Newest Hero

It's time for the next "Apex Legends" character to release, and fans might just remember them from a previous appearance. Hardcore players may remember a small detail in the Season 8 launch trailer that was all about Fuse, a Legend who was released in January 2021. The character who brought Fuse's party to a fiery end, Mad Maggie, was announced in January 2022 as the latest playable character to join the ranks.


Respawn, the group behind "Apex Legends," welcomed Nicola Kawana to the Apex Games family on Twitter. Kawana's an actor from New Zealand who's starred in several different live-action productions, such as "Find Me a Maori Bride" and "The Man Who Lost His Head." Her experience as Mad Maggie was her first time voice acting, and many people in the "Apex Legends" fan community loved her performance.

Mad Maggie will appear in "Apex Legends" on February 8, when her abilities and her absolute chaos will take over the Games.

Mad Maggie's mad abilities

According to the website for "Apex Legends," Mad Maggie's abilities could shake things up. Her passive ability, Warlord's Ire, highlights enemies that she's damaged while also allowing her to move faster with a shotgun. Her tactical ability, Riot Drill, deals damage to enemies behind obstacles, letting her attack anyone who's trying to hide after being spotted.


Maggie's ultimate ability, Wrecking Ball, is what it sounds like: a giant, havoc-wreaking ball that will explode by enemies while also dropping "speed-boosting pads" for Maggie and her teammates. The wrecking ball was actually shown off in the Season 8 release trailer before anyone knew Maggie would be appearing as a Legend. The massive weapon dropped from the sky to cut Fuse's speech short. 

These abilities combined could introduce some interesting combos for veteran players. For example, if an enemy is highlighted with Maggie's passive, then she can use her tactical to drive them away or deal even more damage. She can also use a shotgun and her Ultimate's speed pads to get up close and personal with enemies, which is where shotguns shine.


The history of Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie has had her own story trailer, as well as a prominent role in the Season 12 launch trailer, "Defiance." While she's been viewed as a villain since she was shown off in the Season Eight trailer, never videos show she's actually much more of an anti-hero.


In her story trailer, Mad Maggie was sent to the Apex Games after being tried for crimes like inciting riots and stealing supplies — all of which she did for the Salvonian people, according to flashbacks. While she's originally sentenced to death, the mysterious Mr. Silva sends her to the Games instead.

In the "Defiance" trailer, she's tossed into the "Apex" array, where she ends up altering the Olympus map – as the Gameplay Trailer for Season 12 showed. Her appearance in the Apex Games is going to shake things up in more ways than one, and players can look forward to several exciting experiences in Season 12.