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The Most Overpowered Move In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

RPGs are all about balance. Every level-up and each new piece of equipment should make the player feel more powerful, only for them to be met with more challenging foes. This ensures that the game maintains a degree of difficulty that keeps the player engaged. "Pokémon" is a little different than most other RPGs, however. It's more about curating a diverse team that can exploit as many enemy type-weaknesses as possible. Most Pokémon have access to a few powerful moves that are strong enough to be devastating against nearly any foe, but there are a handful of moves across the franchise that completely break the balance of the game.


The critically acclaimed "Pokémon Legends: Arceus" is the latest addition to the series and it's shaking things up in a bunch of different ways. Some of the best Pokémon in the franchise have been brought together in the open-world Hisui region for players to battle, train, and catch 'em all (although there are several Gen 1 Pokémon missing from the lineup). Not all of them are evenly matched, however. It seems that a few come equipped with a classic move that has become so overpowered that other Pokémon don't stand a chance against it: Hyper Beam.

The Hyper Beam in Arceus is insanely powerful

Reddit user Arisen925 posted a video of their trainer facing off against a wild Parasect. It was large and had glowing red eyes which are both the identifying markers of an alpha Pokémon. It was also level 30, which meant the trainer's level 14 Ponyta probably never stood much of a chance, even with the type advantage that Fire has over Bug. Still, it was surprising when the Parasect unleashed its Hyper Beam on the unsuspecting Ponyta. Not only did it 1-shot the poor horse, but the animation for the attack was so over-the-top that viewers couldn't even see the Ponyta through the massive barrage of energy. It was the kind of Shonen anime-level attack that's usually reserved for blowing up cities. This Parasect looked like it was ready to destroy Alderaan with the amount of firepower it used.


Many of the Reddit users who commented on the post were equally impressed. SmileyAce3 wrote, "I love how the hyper beam animation literally looks like you erase the opponent from the face of the earth." User whomad1215 compared it to a webcomic by Fiftyeighthens in which a level 100 Garados blasts a level 2 Pidgey with a Hyper Beam so powerful that it could be seen from space. In any case, it's probably best if enemy Pokémon with this move are avoided — at least until players have a few Pokémon with more levels under their belt.