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Every New Hisuian Form In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus" changed the franchise forever in many ways, but it also maintained a few staples from some of the more recent games. This includes continuing the trend started in "Pokemon Sun" and "Moon" of having region specific variants of Pokemon. These variants include new evolutions or different forms of the Pokemon that fans already know. 


The differences between regional variants ranges pretty wildly on the visual front, but the important difference is that the Pokemon will typically have different types in different regions. While a ton of Pokemon are missing from "Pokemon Legends: Arceus," there are still plenty of exciting Hisuian region variants.

These Pokemon are featured pretty heavily in the game, with all of the game's rideable Pokemon being new Hisuian evolutions of Pokemon you're probably familiar with. These Pokemon also appear as the Noble Pokemon of each Region, serving as boss battles. Here's every Hisuian variant Pokemon in "Pokemon Legends: Arceus." 

Beware of mild spoilers ahead for "Pokemon Legends: Arceus."


New starter Hisuain evolutions

"Pokemon Legends: Arceus" might take place in a feudal version of the Sinnoh region, but the game's three starting Pokemon are not from the Sinnoh region. Instead, the game lets you pick between Cyndaquil, Oshawott, and Rowlet. This choice is setting up a surprise later down the road, when it's revealed that each of these Pokemon have a Hisuian evolution. Hisuian Decidueye is a Grass/Fighting type, Hisuian Typhlosion is a Fire/Ghost type, and Hisuain Samurott is a Water/Dark type.


"Pokemon Legends Arceus" doesn't even hint at the starters getting new evolutions and since they're so rare to see in the wild, you likely won't know ahead of time. These new evolutions are great, especially for Typhlosian, who originally is only Fire-type, giving them a much needed upgrade. On the visual side, all three Pokemon look very similar to their original versions, with only slight changes to their color schemes. For example, Typhlosion gets some purple detailing on its body and in its fire, a handy indicator that it is also a Ghost-type.

Palkia and Dialga origin forms

Without specifying exactly where and how you find them, both legendary Sinnoh Pokemon Dialga and Palkia are in "Pokemon Legends Arceus," along with every other Pokemon found in the Sinnoh region. Now, "Pokemon Legends Arceus" does not consider the new forms of Dialga and Palkia to be strictly Hisuain variants, instead referring to them as the "origin" versions of the Pokemon. Perhaps this comes from their status as legendary Pokemon, but regardless, these two have alternate forms in the Hisui region.


Both Pokemon can be switched between their regular form and their origin forms by using either the Adamant Crystal for Dialga or the Lustrous Globe for Palkia. The origin forms look like someone put them in a blender with Arceus, resulting in weird, horse-like versions of themselves. Both origin forms look pretty intimidating, so if you want something different out of these legendaries, you can totally get it. The origin forms also come with minor stat changes as well.

Every other new Hisuian form in Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are plenty of other Hisuian Pokemon waiting to be discovered, from variants on classics to brand-new evolutions. Many of these are first seen as Alpha Pokemon, who know some overpowered moves, so tread lightly while discovering new Pokemon. Some of these new Pokemon evolutions also serve as the Noble Pokemon that you must help defeat during the course of the game. Considering the game tasks you with completing the Pokedex by completing a series of Research Tasks for each Pokemon, you are likely to stumble across all of these new Pokemon at some point in your journey.


Here is the list of every other Pokemon with a Hisuian variant:

  • Qwilfish

  • Lilligant

  • Sliggoo

  • Growlithe

  • Arcanine

  • Voltorb

  • Electrode

  • Avalugg

  • Sneasel

  • Zorua

  • Zoroark

  • Braviary

  • Wyrdeer

  • Basculegion

  • Kleavor

  • Ursaluna

  • Sneasler

  • Overquil

  • Enamorus