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5 Things You Have To Do After Beating Stardew Valley

"Stardew Valley" is known for being both a time sink and a phenomenal farming sim, but after putting in over 50 hours of play time and completing the main quest, what is there left to do? The main story can be completed by either finishing the item bundles in the community center or spending enough money at the Joja Co. store. Depending on playstyle and which path you choose, this will take a long amount of time in-game. ConcernedApe's next game, "Haunted Chocolatier," is still in development, and if competing in "Stardew Valley" esports doesn't sound like your thing, you might want some ways to get more play time out of "Stardew Valley."


Luckily, there are plenty of post-game activities to take part in "Stardew Valley," especially with all of the extra content updates that have been released post-launch. Here are five things you can do after beating the main story in "Stardew Valley."

Complete the missing bundle

After completing the community center and all of its bundles, there is one additional bundle that will appear inside the now abandoned Jojamart. It's important to note that this bundle is not available if you choose the Joja Co. path instead of the community center. The abandoned Jojamart bundle becomes available after a cutscene shows the store being struck by lightning, opening its doors. Completing this bundle will turn the abandoned building into a movie theater, where you can watch movies alone or with a villager.


The bundle requires six items, all of which are of high rarity and require some real work in the postgame. Players will need Wine of silver or higher quality, Dinosaur Mayonnaise, a Prismatic Shard, 5 Gold Quality Ancient Fruit, a Gold or higher Void Salmon, and Caviar. These items will require a considerable effort to acquire, so it should keep you occupied for a good amount of time.

Go to Ginger Island

Ginger Island can be unlocked by repairing the boat located in the back of Willy's Fishing shop. A few days after completing the community center, Willy sends the player a note, inviting them to check out the back of his shop, where the broken boat is. In order to repair it, players need 200 hardwood, 5 battery packs, and 5 Iridium bars. After repairing the boat, players can pay 1,000 gold to travel to Ginger Island (including the return trip), one of the islands in the Fern Islands archipelago.


Ginger Island is split into four directions: north, south, east, and west. The south is where players start and can establish an island farmhouse, if they repair a destroyed building. Any crop can be grown on the island during any time of year, similar to the greenhouse. There is also a resort, a pirate cove, and a volcano dungeon for players to explore and discover.

The Witch and the Wizard

Players will have met the Wizard very early in the game, but after completing the community center he will have some additional tasks for them. If players enter the railroad area in the northern part of the map, it will trigger a cutscene showing a cave blocked by a symbol and the Wizard will tell them to find the Dark Talisman to open it. This can be found in the Mutant Bug Lair, entered via the sewers. After completing that, players can enter the Witch's Swamp, but will be blocked by her henchman.


The Goblin Problem can be solved by giving the henchmen void mayonnaise, which is mayonnaise made from a void egg. Those can be acquired by an event where the Witch flies over your farm and turns a chicken into a void chicken, or purchased from Krobus in the Sewers. After giving the henchman the item, players can enter the Witch's hut and get back the Wizard's magic ink, which unlocks multiple magical buildings that can be placed on your farm.

Skull Cavern level 100

Adventuring to level 100 of the Skull Cavern can be done prior to completing the community center, although it is likely that most players won't have made it that far down so early in the game. The Skull Cavern is located in the Desert, which can be traveled to by bus. It has an endless number of floors, but unlike the regular mine in town, it doesn't have an elevator that offers checkpoints. Instead, players must start at the top every time. Reaching floor 100 will net players an additional 25 health if they have found secret note 10 prior to that point. The notes spawn randomly, but relatively frequently.


The best method for reaching level 100 is to use plenty of mega bombs to quickly clear rocks out and to build stairs. The stairs can be used to advance to the next floor if you are struggling to find a way down in a timely manner. Players will automatically collapse at 2:00 AM, so it's a race against the clock.

Max Friendship with all villagers

One of the most beloved parts of "Stardew Valley" is the social/dating sim aspects of it. Not every villager can be dated, but every villager has a friendship meter that can be filled. Prior to completing the community center, players have likely figured out a single villager they wish to pursue and have started that process, along with gaining some level of friendship with others around the village. However, each villager has special events when you reach certain friendship levels with them, so there are plenty of special moments for you to enjoy with them. It is important to note that marriage candidates will pause at eight hearts, with the final two locked until you express romantic interest in them.


Progressing the friendship level can be done by talking to them daily, giving two loved gifts a week, and completing any quests they post in town. If the movie theater is open, taking them to a movie also greatly increases your friendship level. At certain levels, the villagers may give you gifts or recipes, so your efforts won't go unrewarded.