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This Might Be The Coziest Esports Game Ever

Gamers that enjoy a good cozy game or two should get ready to clear their calendars — the hit cozy farming simulator "Stardew Valley" is holding an esports event called the Stardew Valley Cup in the near future.

ConcernedApe, the person behind the awesome game "Stardew Valley," took to Twitter on August 21 to announce that a Stardew Valley Cup was coming up on September 4. The Cup is being co-hosted by Unsurpassable Z, a "Stardew Valley" content creator.

Four teams of four "Stardew Valley" content creators are competing for a $40,000 prize pool and the honor of being the winners of the first-ever Stardew Valley Cup. The event will be streamed on Unsurpassable Z's Twitch channel at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET on September 4.

"Stardew Valley" took off in terms of popularity over the past few years, and even though the game released back in 2016, it's still beloved by fans. The $40,000 prize for the Cup serves as an indicator of the big business of cozy gaming. Earlier this year, the fan-favorite RPG even became a board game. The game is still getting updates, including one in the past year that was the biggest update the game has had.

Unsurpassable Z detailed just how the esports event will go down and what it will take to win on YouTube. Here's what fans can expect from the Stardew Valley Cup.

How the Stardew Valley Cup will work

The Stardew Valley Cup will give each of the four teams a certain amount of time to complete tasks from a list of over 100 challenges. Each challenge is worth a designated number of points based on difficulty, and the team with the most points at the end of the time period wins.

Unsurpassable Z detailed almost all of the challenges in his video, which gives the competitors time to plan out exactly what they want to do. Each team will be playing in their own game on a shared beach farm, and they can only get points for each challenge once.

Some of the challenges Unsurpassable Z previewed included finishing the Community Center, giving Harvey coffee while he's working, collecting every egg in the Egg Hunt, and even catching a Legendary Fish. Money plays a part in it, too, as the team with the most gold at the end will get bonus points.

With so many challenges, the Cup may hinge on keeping track of everything each person on the team will need to do. Considering that some of the participants are speedrunners, Unsurpassable Z and ConcernedApe are throwing in new challenges every 30 minutes of the competition. These rolling challenges should keep things unpredictable and keep the teams on their toes.