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The Genshin Impact Character You Didn't Know Was Voiced By LilyPichu

Lily "LilyPichu" Ki is a woman of many talents. Many know her as a popular streamer and Offline TV member, but she also stars in popular anime and video games as a voice actor. In fact, one of her latest roles is as tanuki girl Sayu from The Game Award's mobile game of the year, "Genshin Impact."


Sayu is one of the 4-star characters that released with the newest region, Inazuma. Game developer Mihoyo heavily draws inspiration from Japan, as evidenced by the Japanese names, cuisine, and architecture, for this piece of its world. Sayu works as a child ninja for the Kamisato household, one of the three main branches of the Inazuma's government. Therefore, she also serves the beloved Kamisato princess, Ayaka, and her brother, Ayato. 

Sayu plays a minor role in the recent Archon chapter, helping the Traveler in his quest to meet Raiden Shogun. She also has her own hangout series, meaning players can hear Lily speak extensively in endearing interactions with the player. 

Lily has spoken about her role on "Genshin Impact" before on many occasions, including on an Offline TV podcast with Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang. There, she explained how she landed the role of resident tanuki ninja in "Genshin Impact."


How LilyPichu got the role for Sayu in Genshin Impact

LilyPichu freelances for Atlus, who apparently sometimes forwards auditions to their voice actors. Sayu from "Genshin Imapct" was just one of the audition calls offered to her as a freelance VA. 

Lily highlighted that her career as a streamer had nothing to do with her success in landing the role. She was just one of the voice actors that auditioned after the company put out an official casting call. "They just send the audition call out to people. So I'm like one of many people," Lily told Toast. "So I got [the audition call] and I'm like, 'ah [Sayu] looks so cute, I'll do it.' Then I got the callback and I was like 'Oh my God, this is so exciting!'"


Lily also revealed that she didn't need to audition more than once for the role. Thankfully, she got it after one audition. "Sometimes there are audition rounds. But for this one, they just said 'no, you got it,'" Lily said. She further explained that the casting director listens to every audition and then simply chooses the one they like best.

It's not a surprise Lily eventually auditioned for "Genshin Impact," considering she already had experience with the game. Lily openly played "Genshin Impact" on stream before the team even brought her on as a voice actor. Now, she just has more of an excuse to play it with her gorgeous fellow cast members.